Wrong feet posture can cause poor blood circulation to the lower limbs. It results in increased strain and stress to local ligaments, muscles, and tendons, leading to pain from nerve compression. The unnecessary pressure eventually migrates to your back, causing a back pin.

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The Ergonomic Foot pillow

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Ergonomic footrests are usually used under desks to help shorter people to plant feet onto a firm surface while sitting. Their designs also promote active sitting with all users through a rocking motion, highly beneficial to muscle tone, blood circulation, and preventing foot pain from a sustained static position.

Quality footrests elevate feet to a comfortable height. However, different models facilitate movements like swinging, tilting, or swaying. More basic products include stool, simple foot bar, cushion, rail, slant, leg rest, calf stretch board, or inclines. You can also find advanced models like hammock, rocker, foot swing, or peddler that are dynamic or active footrests. With active footrests, you naturally keep feet and legs in motion.

The models also have different surface materials, as some are bumpy to encourage circulation and massage your feet. Most cushions have a comfortable microfiber cover that provides an anti-slip tread, while rigid footrests have a surface with industrial textures similar to sandpaper.

Who Should Use A Footrest?

Office chairs and desks have a design for standard size persons. It means when you are slightly shorter, you can find your feet uncomfortably settling on the floor. Not touching the floor with feet leads to health problems over time, including tension in feet and ankles, leading to circulation issues and back problems.

Including a footrest elevates your feet to a comfortable position. You are likely to move your legs throughout the day as you have places to rest them. Such options encourage variety in movement and posture leading to healthy, energizing, and comfortable sitting.

The Benefits of foot pillows

1. They Improve Blood Circulation

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When you sit for long, without physical activity, you can suffer poor blood circulation. It is among the reasons for health complications like varicose veins and blood clots. However, you don’t need to stand and roam the office since you can move around when sitting on your desk. To achieve this, you can use ergonomic foot support that reduces pressure on legs to improve circulation. Along with the footrest, make conscious efforts to maintain proper posture as you adjust your desk position regularly.

2. They Reduce Issues With Your Lower Back

When you have an inappropriate feet posture when sitting, you also strain your spine. It can result in discomfort and lower productivity and, at times, lead to injury. However, you can sit comfortably with a footrest, eliminating the pressure on your back region and spine. It leads to increased productivity and comfort while reducing the risk of injury.

3. A Good Option for Short Individuals

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Whiles some chairs are for petite users, footrests are grat to ensure smaller users benefit from ergonomic seating without limiting options. For maximum benefit on an ergonomic chair, your feet need to be flat, challenging when a mall person. However, footrest allows shorter users to maintain proper weight distribution and keep feet balanced.

4. They Increase Productivity and Comfort

Most office desks can be too low or high at the office, and since workers sit for long in a day, they are generally uncomfortable with lower productivity. Footrest encourages your ankles and feet to move, minimizing pressure levels to alleviate body tension. Also, they provide an active sitting as it supports your coax movement to improve blood flow and keep your feet and body comfortable.

5. Encourage Feet Tension Relief

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Footrests keep your feet in a neutral position, especially for women that wear different heel sizes like sandals, high heels, or boots. When you walk on shoes with height discrepancy as you keep feet flat on the floor, it strains tendons and muscles in your feet. In turn, it leads to pain.

With numerous footrest options, you can find models that suit your workspace and body. Besides, you can easily personalize footrests to fit other ergonomic furniture and are portable to carry along if you lack a dedicated workstation.

6. They Improve Posture

When you take long in one position, you often get an achy and stiff neck. If you take longer in the position, the effects become magnified. With the extended time you spend in the office desk, your posture can suffer. If you feel pressure on your back or have back impairments, ergonomic footrests can help. They come in rocking and stationery designs to help have a good posture that includes sitting up straight, moving feet around, and keeping hips above your knee levels.

Disadvantages of Foot Pillows

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Foot pillows are not ideal when you are tall since you need at least seven inches between the knees and underside of your desk. Therefore, you don’t need a footrest when tall due to lack of room for comfortable use.

Secondly, while you can use the footrest in many workplaces for relief, it might not work with some desks. For instance, when you use an ergonomic exercise ball than a regular desk and chair, you can have balance issues when you include a footrest.

Finally, although footrests are great, you still need regular movement. By simply adding the foot pillow to the workplace, the pains and aches are unlikely to disappear, and you need additional changes to working habits.


Incorporating a footrest in work ergonomics has various health benefits that allow more productive and comfortable work. There are multiple footrests in the market with different features that depend on user preference and desk setup.
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