An innovative furniture company from Poland, named Design Epicentrum, has taken a Lamborghini-inspired furniture to the next level. They made a collection of racing-insipred desks and sofas.

Sofas’ standard color is deep black, but the company made it possible for its customers to choose from many different upholsteries. This limited series has only 44 pieces, and the price for one of racing-inspired sofas starts from $9,800.

Lamborghini streamlined shape, lines, and a glossy look are featured on Lamborghini Aventador desk from this limited collection. The desk looks just like the racing car’s front, and it features several cupboards and drawers for storing documents and utensils, so it is not only decorative, but also functional.

The highest quality materials were used in making the Lamborghini-inspired desks, including fiberglass. When it comes to color, as it was previously said, customers are able to choose from 200 different colors.

Aventador desks’ price is expected to start from $34,000 (€30,000).