Cryptocurrency is something we know all a bit about. Thanks to its rises over time the amount of information and pieces of advice available to us grow each day.

But there is one thing that baffles most of us and makes us look for a bit subtle crypto to invest or hold. What do we mean? Well if you want to invest in something for a longer period you will have to look for an asset that doesn’t fluctuate a lot and that is somewhat predictable. Crypto, so far is just the opposite of that. It fluctuates a lot, it is volatile with huge spikes up and down and it’s hard to predict where it might land for you to make a safe and informative investment. When on the topic of that check out the bitcoin circuit and see what they have to advise and offer.

To hold, invest and get a safe return you have to find the least volatile asset on the market. Today’s article is all about crypto and this time we will address the least volatile ones out there. They should be your consideration if you want to play safe and invest smart with predictable outcomes.

1. Cosmos


Cosmos isn’t that new. It was created in 2014 by Jay Kuan and it is supposed to create an internet of blockchain where any blockchain can communicate, share data and transact with one another. Bitcoin as the first crypto wasn’t conceived with the idea of it being able to connect with other projects like Ethereum and similar, and Ethereum as well wasn’t created to do the same thing. Those were independent of each other and it was all thanks to the nature of cryptocurrency.

Now, with Cosmos, we will have a communication protocol a consensus engine and a software development kit that will help us build the blockchain. It will work in a three-layer layout where the first will allow for communication between transactions and blockchains, the second will process the transactions and update the state of the network and the third layer will have the task of helping nodes agree on the current state of the system. What makes Cosmos stable so far and not that volatile, with the prominent upward trend is the fact that they have been constantly launching new programs and restructuring their internal team.

They also have been optimizing their network to prepare for the upcoming additions and upgrades. With Cosmos, the cryptocurrencies will move in a direction where they are, for the first time, more interconnected which is a revolutionary thing. This means the creation of an ecosystem of interaction and more compatibility of blockchains that are not yet there.

2. Theta


This crypto is pretty interesting, and it will probably sit the best for all of us that love and use video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many others. But what does Theta have to do with online video streaming services? Well, the use case of Theta benefits the cost operations for video streaming services by reducing the load of content distribution network by putting it into Theta’s peer-to-peer network. Yes, it’s a bit complicated and hard to digest so let’s try and simplify. When you usually stream a video that connection is coming directly from the services you are streaming from – like Netflix per se.

No matter how good or fast your connection is, if these services buffer or have any kind of lag on their servers, on their end, you will experience delays at your end as well. What Theta does is provide new infrastructure for these businesses which allow them to be decentralized and cheaper for those companies by offering that is known as Theta network. The biggest thing to note here is that Theta isn’t trying to take over or become the new and better Netflix, Hulu or whoever, they are trying to be these businesses’ backbone to save them money that should go in form of subscription reduction for end-users, better and faster web speeds or more new TV shows added constantly.

Theta has two tokens that you should consider – T-Fuel that pays for the data being streamed and Theta which is a governance token is designed to help manage the community of its blockchain. Theta token has a fixed supply with no inflation and its blockchain is fast and optimized for smaller payments. What adds to its strength is the fact that is backed up by companies like Sony, Samsung and a lot more famous names. Check out Theta definitely and get up to speed on what they are working on next.

3. Ethereum


Although it is considered that Bitcoin is the most profitable crypto with a constant influx of new investors coming to the market but since it is highly volatile crypto it can’t make the cut here. Ethereum is its replacement, and although it has some volatility, it is a lot more predictable and safer than Bitcoin. It will easily maximize your gains in percentage and it will beat Bitcoin in that regard. As things look now, most of the whales on the market are reducing their Bitcoin positions and increasing others – meaning Ethereum.

This means only one thing – the coming of the altcoin season. This altcoin season, as it’s called, means that there is a cycle where you position in Bitcoin first and as it hits its top you start to transfer it to the smaller cap altcoins. Now Ethereum is no small coin but it will serve as a stable replacement for Bitcoin that slowly declines. Ethereum currently awaits the full completion of the Ethereum 2.0 network upgrade and its community is massively growing and it gains support with deposit contracts crossing 3.9 billion Ethereum while the total stakes are passing $9 billion.

This is the highest yet and it will keep growing by these parameters. If you don’t know what to do and if you are not sure about your investing powers, just follow the whales on the market with 10.000 Ethereum coins or more and look at them soaring to more than 1.300+ addresses despite the recent dip Ethereum had. This definitely means something is up and this is most likely the trend that will continue.