In 2024, no one doubts that Instagram has become a platform that provides a million opportunities to its users – both in forming communities and tracking news, and in promoting a business, brand or company. Everything is possible here and there are all the necessary tools for this. All that is required of a beginner is to come up with a concept and content plan for his page and learn a few important points about how to start, continue and finish profile promotion.

In this text we will give you 6 hacks to use to make your IG page thrive on IG in 2024: we will talk about tags, a chance to buy Instagram followers from Viplikes to form an initial base, about targeted ads and PR. If you follow all of the pieces of advice from this article, your profile is going to reach any goals in terms of popularity that you might set for it.

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Use hashtags wisely


Hashtags today are already a whole philosophy, as their proper use can give you hundreds of new subscribers simply because you added a few words at the end of your post or in the comments. It works if you do everything right – don’t use too many of them (don’t put 30 tags, it only repels people), use only specific tags (no followforfollow, likeforlike, beautiful, girl2024 and the rest of them), try to think like your client or reader when you collect a list of hashtags.

What words would they use to describe your content, product, or service? These are the tags you should use. When you reach a certain popularity, do not forget to enter a brand hashtag – so random people who have heard about you from their friends will be able to find you.

Use geotags creatively

Geotag can also be used creatively and benefit from it. Think about what places in your city people can use to look for interesting events, shops and other locations for them, and use them in tandem with your new posts. This way you will be able to significantly expand the range of views, likes and even subscribers – you will increase the visibility of your profile and along with it, popularity will begin to grow.

Purchase subscribers and likes for support


If you’re interested in even quicker and more tangible results, the wisest move would be to purchase Instagram followers straight away, right after you have finished filling your page with content. The only nuance that you need to keep in mind is that these subs have to be genuine – real people, who use the IG platform daily and can show a positive impact on your page’s statistics. However, to find a company that sells high quality services will take time – you have to pay attention to the reviews from previous buyers to not buy a pack of fakes which can lead your profile being in a shadow ban.

Don’t use free options

Free options may be convenient for those who just run a blog, but not for people who have a whole business behind them. They need to spend a lot of time on other, more important things than being online, commenting and trying to attract the attention of people in activity chats. In general, this is definitely not the option – and even if you just want to develop your personal page, it will be much more productive to buy paid services and not bother about wasting time on free ways of promotion.

Always try to get some free PR


Depending on the current size of your account you can apply either for free mutual PR (if you already gained some followers and have a pool of those that can be interesting to other bloggers) or for paid PR from the bigger bloggers who can tell you about you on their page for money. You can choose how big you want this PR to be and put a certain amount of money into it – however, we’d recommend to not try to save here, because the bigger and the more talented the blogger, the higher are your chances of getting the support and interest in your content from the coming audience.

Combining those two tools would be the best – plus, if you’re going to be able to find the bloggers who’d agree for free mutual PR, you should organize such actions once in a while, and not just make it one time thing.

Set a targeted ad at the very end of your “campaign”

Targeted advertising should be the final chord of your promotion – when you have already gained a certain pool of subscribers from buying followers and from PR with bloggers, you can launch targeted advertising. But do not immediately try to make it as comprehensive and expensive as possible, start by checking the correctness of the settings you have chosen and then gradually increase the audience coverage. Remember that you can always attract people from the spheres adjacent to you, do not be afraid to make the age gap wider, as well as the location.

By the way, we would advise you to never stop targeted advertising – even if a small one goes in your profile in the background for a small amount of money, it will already be much better than none at all. You can reduce your audience reach from time to time in order to save some money on promotion. But the main thing is to always use the target to stay in the field of view of potential readers and customers.



So what’s the key to success? Your own creativity and willingness to stay in touch with the audience and the right order of promotional services and tools applied to your account’s development. Surely, it is only up to you to decide how many paid tools you want to use in order to achieve popularity, but we’d recommend you to mind business from the very beginning and never rely on the free options. These won’t give nearly as good results as the paid services can, won’t ever provide you with any guarantees and safety on your way towards becoming known on IG. Plan things ahead and stay smart about your decisions, good luck!