Does the glamorous world of YouTube attract you?

Or, you might have a fantastic content idea and want to give it a shot.

YouTube has become a platform for people to gain massive success doing what they love. Making appealing videos is just one part of the story. Meanwhile, marketing them correctly and getting the cash flowing is equally important.

What good is your content if it can’t give you financial freedom? However, using a correct strategy for monetization can be a tricky part.

Therefore, we created this guide to introduce you to some of the techniques you can use to monetize your videos on YouTube.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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What is a YouTube Influencer?


Social media influencers are ordinary people having a vast audience following their work. People look up to them and often follow the suggestions. Therefore, many brands ask YouTube celebrities to market their products in the videos.

Anyone who creates YouTube content can be an influencer. However, how much your followers trust you depends on the quality of your content.

That means creating exciting content is the first step to be a successful influencer. With a good idea and proper video editing software, you can be ahead of your competition. You can take a look at the best video editors by clicking here.” Assuming you have a plan for that, let’s see what choices we have to make money out of the videos.

How to make money as a YouTube influencer

There are several ways you can make money being a YouTube influencer. However, it would help if you plan your monetization techniques based on your content.

For example, YouTube ads in the middle of a song might drive away your audience. Similarly, you can’t expect people to buy your mentioned product if it is irrelevant to your content. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore our choices.

1. Advertisements


Previously, the advertisement option, also known as the YouTube partner program, was available for everyone. However, in January 2018, YouTube announced new rules for creators to join the partner program.

Now, your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. Then only YouTube allows you to show ads on your videos.

The partner program allows you to monetize your content by showing ads on your videos. You can choose the number of ads and where you want to place them. You also get paid each time a YouTube premiere member watches your content.

YouTube partner program is a go-to option for almost every influencer. Besides, it is the fastest way to monetize your content on YouTube.

2. Sponsorships and Affiliate Links

Teaming up with brands is the most effective technique to bring in some cash. It works best if you have a solid fan base. For instance, suppose you have a cooking channel and people like your recipes. You can refer food materials or kitchen appliances to your viewers. All you have to do is put an affiliate link in your video description.

Some brands like Nike also team up with YouTube influencers who work around sports channels. It makes sense since their target audience is already watching the videos. Similarly, you can find n number of brands ready to pay a high amount if you can promote their brand in front of a large and dedicated audience.

While using this technique, you must promote the brand as naturally as possible. Also, we suggest you try out the product before talking highly about it. False information can cost you the trust of your audience, which will be the beginning of a decline in your followers.

3. Asks your Fans for Funding


Making great content surely needs a lot of time, effort, and capital. While other methods get you a large sum of money with minimal effort, they can cause distrust or ignorance from your fans if you use them repeatedly.

For example, o one wants to watch a video that shows ads every two minutes. Similarly, if you promote irrelevant products blindly, your followers would start to take your words lightly.

Many YouTube content creators believe ads ad promotions can harm the quality of your content.

Don’t worry, though. You can get rid of this problem quickly by asking your fanbase for donations. Many followers willingly donate a large sum of money because they want you to keep going. You can use one of the following methods for raising funds from your audience.

Patreon: Patreon is a membership platform for creators to get paid. It allows any creator to create an account, and fans can subscribe for a monthly membership. In return, creators provide exclusive content to their patrons.

YouTube’s Super Chat: Super Chat is a feature provided by YouTube for content creators who do live streaming. It allows viewers to donate anything between $5 to $500 one go. Viewers can also buy a super sticker to show it in the live chat.

Tipeee: Combining the best of one-time payments and recurring support, Tipeee proves to be a one-stop solution for content creators.

4. License Your Content to Other Media

If you are lucky enough to make a viral video, media companies will surely want to use it commercially. A viral video with mass appeal provides content for media outlets. Therefore, they are willing to pay a reasonable amount in exchange for usage rights.

You can also list your video on websites like Jukin Media, which let people buy your videos at a reasonable price. The platform brings creators and buyers in one place.

Are You Ready to Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

The majority of content creators prefer the quality of their content over the monetary value. The feeling of giving something important to society is a much higher reward than cash.

Ionically, you can earn more money if you don’t keep it as a deciding factor. Great content tends to attract more people. Thus, your audience increases skyrocketing your revenue.

We discussed the various methods you can use to monetize YouTube videos. Let’s hope you reach your financial freedom as soon as possible.