Social media is your most significant target if you need to sell anything. It is reported that 94% of marketers find it easy to understand the products and services through videos. In other words, videos are the simplest and the briefest way of promoting something. Most of us are watching and passing our time through YouTube videos while the YouTubers are earning millions with their channels. You might be wondering how it happens. We got you. In this article, we will tell you to make videos and help you get started as well.

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Part 1: Ways to Make Money on YouTube

As a learning hub for many people, YouTube presents various topics, and you can also create YouTube channels on multiple issues. There are numerous ways through which you can make money on YouTube.

First, let’s know what are the methods that generate money through YouTube:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply marketing products, but those products are not yours. You are trying to sell someone else’s products by marketing them and, in return, gaining a commission on the sales of that product. Many top YouTubers advertise different products and get paid through a referral link.



Advertisement is another form of marketing. But in this method, you are not making any video about the products or services advertised through your video. Just like Google Adsense, you can also get AdSense approval for your YouTube channel. But for that, first, you must get 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time. Once you reach these metrics, you can have ads on your videos and earn through them.

You can also get a deal done with any brand directly. Then you can advertise or market their products or services through their YouTube channel. Businesses interested in the viewers on your channel might sponsor your videos or give you product placement deals in exchange for a shoutout.

In this system, you can create YouTube videos about their products and promote them. Your channel must first have an ideal audience to earn in this way. Also, the brands select the successful YouTube channel of their field. Because in this way, they know that their products are shown to a group of interested audiences and potential buyers.

Part 2: How to Create YouTube Videos?


Once you have ideas about what videos you should make for your channel, then comes the process of creating high-quality YouTube videos. For this, there are various tools and tricks available in markets. One such tool is Wondershare Filmora, which is an easy-to-use, but also with extensive video editing capabilities, and a wide range of effects. More importantly, it’s reasonably priced and you can choose the plan to specifically meet your requirements.

When it comes to bringing your YouTube video ideas to life, having the right video editing software is essential. Wondershare Filmora stands out as a versatile and user-friendly option that caters to both beginners and experienced video creators.

With its intuitive interface, you can easily edit your footage, add transitions, overlay text, and incorporate a variety of effects to make your videos more engaging.

How to Create Videos Using Filmora?

Wondershare Filmora is a fantastic video editing software to crop, and trim videos. In addition, it adds attractive effects and transitions to your video to make it spectacular and eye catchy. Moreover, it has a convenient interface with advanced video editing features, such as AI Portrait, Split Screen, Color Grade, Instant Mode, etc. Here are some of its features and how you can use them:

Instant Mode

Let Filmora make the video for you. Sit back and relax! With up to 115 pre-set templates, you can choose from the vlog, business, intro, slideshow, travel, and more. Just import videos and select the templates you like, then the Instant Mode will automatically create videos for you.

New Plug-ins: NewBlue FX & Boris FX

Filmora has new plug-ins and each collection comes with a selection of professionally created presets factory installed. Five collections from NewBlue contain 500+ well-created custom title presets and more than 100 different effects. Edit videos releasing the incredible creative possibilities of visual effects. Includes art looks, blur, image restoration, lights, and style.

AI Portrait


Through this effect, you can remove the video background without having green space in the background. It also allows you to add borders, glitches, effects, noise, pixelated, and segmentation video effects.


With the aid of masking, you can alter the form of a clip’s visibility to any shape you find comfortable. Additionally, you can utilize a picture as the initial logo file or hide a portion of the clip.

Use Speed and Duration to Speed Up or Slow Down Moments of the Videos

Every video editor is well familiar with the effects of the slow-mo or fast-mo. However, not many video editors, especially beginners, know how to apply such effects in a video.

But Filmora provides the simplest solution to this problem. Filmora includes a one-click option to increase or decrease the speed of the video within seconds.

All you have to do is choose Speed and Duration. And within the Custom Speed menu, you can define the required speed conveniently.

Auto Synchronization

The auto-synchronization feature is another advantage of the Filmora video editor that facilitates the inclusion of audio tracks to video files. You can add the sound piece to a specific scene in the footage from a diversity of sources. There are a host of effects to improvise the edits for a professional quality video customization.


Part 3: Uploading the Video and Checking its Progress

After creating a perfect video, you upload it and check the performance after some days. For this, you can go to YouTube studio from your account and check different metrics like how many views you and subscribers you got. It also gives you watch time which is the total time your content has been watched in a specific time given in hours.

Part 4: Conclusion

Creating a successful YouTube channel is a process that takes time. You have to work constantly and be patient about this. Many things available can help you, just like the right YouTube editing software. But if you are imposing the right strategies, you can have a successful YouTube channel in less time.

If you use YouTube as a marketing tool to grow your business, then you have to invest time in it. This can be hard for some people, but if you focus on the investment of time, you will also earn more money due to the increased traffic that is brought by your content.