Marvel films have become so popular that modern civilization and culture cannot imagine without them. They have become an integral part of our lives in all aspects, they are on mugs, and there are parties with Marvel themes. All people around the world know who Thor, Iron man, Hulk etc. are. However, there are a lot of female super heroes in marvel comics and they deserve their films, as well. Let’s see who they are.

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1. Scarlet Witch

Here, we need to be honest and say that this character appeared in several marvel movies, but never as a leading one, and there was not a movie only about her. It is obvious that such a character deserves its own movie, and, yes, Scarlet Johnson would be a good choice for it.

2. Sif

Lady Sif is one of the most iconic female superheroes that marvel has made. And she also has a lot of potential that can be transferred into a very good movie. The predictions about Disney+ show are still active and present. However, we need to be honest and say that SIf’s first appearance on screens was in 2012 in Journey into Mystery.

3. Wolverine

We all know that the only Wolverine can be Logan. However, we need to know that there is a female counterpart to it in comics, and her name is Laura Kinney, and she surely deserves her own movie.

4. Psylocke

Some people think that she has the most potential and that she deserved her place in all Marvel movies and that she even needs to have her own one. Her character name is Betsy Braddock. There are numerous comics where we can see her appearing, and the most interesting one is the appearance with Captain Britain, whose film is also expected.

5. Valkyrie

She appeared in Marvel movies but only as a second character that accompanied Thor in Thor: Ragnarok against Hella. However, her back up story, the story prior slaughtering by Hella is unknown and is surely a great thing to be transferred into a movie as well as her life story.

6. Ironheart

Iron Man also has its female counterpart in Ironheart, which is Riri Williams. Even though the fate of Tony Stark is debatable, Itronheart may find its way on big screens in the future. It may even happen for the first time that this would be the “swap” of characters in Marvel’s movies and that we can see her instead of beloved Tony.

7. Miss Marvel

Kamala Khan is one of the most epic Marvel comics characters and it is a shame that she has not been present in movies. However, this may change and she may get her chance to win hearts of the audience. Some people consider that she is one of the best supporting characters in Marvel comics.

8. Hawkeye

She is classified among those superheroes that actually do not have any super powers. However, she is nothing less capable of saving the world as the characters who have those powers. Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye, is a stunning hero. We have already seen the male version of Hawkeye in Clint Barton and it may happen that she may replace this character in the future.

9. Spider-woman

Spiderman has won our hearts, but we should know that his female counterpart, Spider-woman, is also a great characters with great powers and she also deserves a movie chance. There have been some rumors that she may appear on big screens, but it has not been confirmed yet.

10. She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters is a female Hulk and she has everything needed to be in a film and to have one about her. Apart from having a law firm, she is also super strong and green. Some of the Avengers and Fantastic Four characters are her best friends, and she is constantly surrounded by them.

These are just some of the female characters from Marvel comics that deserve their own movies, or at least the appearance in some of them. Of course, this is not the end of the list since there are numerous supporting characters in comics that surely deserve to find their place on the screens due to their characteristics and powers.