Does every successful man have a wristwatch? Take a minute to think of every successful man you know who does not have an elite watch strapped to his wrist. For many successful people, a wristwatch is not a mere piece that tells them the time but a piece that makes a statement. Being an integral component of men’s fashion from time back, wearing one makes a lot of difference in your fashion and style.

The influence of clothing on first impressions has been studied over time and, in this journal, it has been shown to enhance the wearer’s self-perception on a range of occupationally relevant attributes. It also shows that men hold stronger beliefs than women on the impact of appropriate clothing in a professional setting, as it helps them give a great impression. The study showed that it helped them communicate that they were intelligent, competent, knowledgeable, honest, and reliable.

Wristwatches add the extra touch to men’s fashion and could show their success.

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Below is a list of watches to portray success:

1. Richard Mille

Richard Mille has a unique style. Taking the sandwich-style Richard Mille watch case, for example, it comprises of three decks, including the front and back bezels and the middle section, with each component curved. This makes the machining difficult. It also uses leading-edge technology to make it stand out. The movements inside are made of titanium with other materials, beaten to perfection for each timepiece.

The Richard Mille watches can be easily compared to Formula 1 Cars, with its cutting-edge use of materials and limited production, except that this is a racing machine for the wrist.

You can check out Avi & Co. to view their offer of Richard Mille watches, which is one of the best brands out there.

2. Rolex

Rolex has grown, over the years, to be a reliable luxury brand and is known for its timepieces. Rolex pays attention to details in its watches and every component; the gear, gold link, cut ruby- were made in-house in Switzerland. It takes roughly a year to make one Rolex watch, with each component rigorously tested until perfection before leaving the factory.

The stainless piece, Oyster case, watch case back, and the triblock crown seal – is all designed to the tiniest details to portray the Rolex perfection, making its wearers look elite. Most of the buyers are A-class celebrities, politicians, and businessmen.

3. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the most valuable watch brands around and is a top brand among all major Swiss watch manufacturers. This could be traced to their expertise, tradition, vision for the future, quality, value, perfect decoration, and it is a family-owned company.

Their commitment to quality and maintaining a certain standard to ensure their users get the best has led them to be successful and recognized everywhere.


Be more deliberate about your fashion and remember that a watch is not merely a timepiece but could help portray you as a successful man. You want to be able to give that first impression that you are successful in your field, simply by wearing a wristwatch that makes a statement.

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