We live in an era of smartphones. They have become one of the most essential things in our lives. We use them to communicate, browse the internet, play games, work and a lot more. Most of us use our phones for at least 3-4 hours daily. Some even more. It’s not uncommon for business people to simply talk for hours, securing deals and communicating with co-workers, employees and more.

Aside from that, we use our phone to store our favourite memories. Most of us have hundreds or even thousands of pictures and videos on our phone. We have photos of our beloved family members, friends, photos and videos from vacations and a lot more. No one writes down or memorizes phone numbers anymore – all of our contacts are stored inside our smartphones.

With all that in mind, it would be devastating to suffer a phone loss in any way. If you end up losing your phone and it feels like you’ve lost a part of your life – that’s because in a way you actually have. They are the thing that connects all of us. If you have children, you use them to call and message to check up on them, so losing a phone and not being able to connect with your child is a reasonable fear.

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So, what do you do? You can never know for certain what will and can happen, so making sure you know where your phone is all the time is essential. That poses the question, how can you do that? Well, every phone in circulation has the ability to access GPS. GPS is used by a lot of applications on our phones that require known our exact position – for instance Google Maps.

So, can that help us? Well, if a phone has the ability to connect to the GPS, which means it’s possible to pinpoint its exact location at any time. So, if you’re worried about losing your phone or you just like to know whether your family members are safe and sound all the time, you should think about installing tracking software on your phone. If you’re still on the verge on why you should do it, here are a couple of reasons.

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1. Locating A Misplaced Device

As we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to misplace or even lose your phone. If you have your phone on silent most of the time, as many people do, calling your phone to try and locate it will not be enough to find it. That is why it’s a great thing to have a tracking app on your phone. You could easily access the app through a secondary device, a computer or another phone and successfully locate your phone.

2. Locate A Stolen Device

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If you’ve unfortunately been a victim of a robbery, it’s possible that you have lost all of your gadgets such as phone, laptop or tablet. Luckily for you, a tracking app on your phone will allow you to locate it once it’s turned on and connected to a network. Unfortunately, many stolen phones are usually sold right away, which means that you’ll have a brief window of time to try and pinpoint your device before the culprit has deleted everything from it. The great thing about quality tracking app, like phonetracker.com for instance, is that is it uploads the phone’s location automatically every half an hour. That means you’ll at least be able to find out the last place your phone was in case the app has been removed by a third party.

3. Making Sure Your Family Is Safe And Sound

One of the greatest things about tracking software is that it can be used as a security measure. If you have kids, knowing where they are most of the time is paramount. Especially for small kids which are unable to take care of themselves. Also, parents of rebellious teenagers that happen to get into trouble every chance possible can greatly benefit from it. If your kid needs you at any point, for whatever reason, you don’t have to rely on them to try and explain where they are, you could just check the data and know where they are. It’s important to emphasize that tracking apps such as the one we’ve mentioned previously aren’t hidden apps used for spying on people. You cannot install the app on a phone without actually owning the device. It’s not a virus you could email to someone, you’d actually have to download and install the app just like any other.

4. Ensuring Online Safety

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Nowadays, with virtually everyone being online, chances of communicating with someone who’s up to no good aren’t that slim. Some tracking apps allow you to monitor the conversations or who’s someone communicating with. This is extremely important when it comes to small children that are new to the internet. Making sure they’re safe and aren’t talking to strangers, possible criminals or even worse is paramount. Taking every safety measure to protect your children and overall family is what everyone should strive for.

5. It’s Good For Business

A lot of businesses rely on deliveries or customer/supplier relations. Making sure that your employees are where they should be and are doing their jobs correctly is what makes the business grow. Perhaps you have a new employee who’s still not familiar with delivery routes for example. In that case, Chad Kimball maps may be the solution to that problem.  Knowing where the employee is could prevent mistakes and loss of both time and money.

6. Protecting your data

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Like we’ve mentioned before, our phone contains a large portion of things that are of great importance to us. Just the thought of losing that brings us anxiety. Knowing at all times where your phone is a good way to make sure you never lose those precious memories or business contacts. Additionally, most of our credit or debit card information or passwords are stored on our phone. Someone could easily access our bank or social media accounts in case they’ve got control of our device in case we’ve lost it or it got stolen.

As you can see, security is the main focus of applications like these. Considering how much information our phones contain, it should be surprising that tracking apps are rising in popularity each day.