There’s no reason to put off your home upgrade for another year just because of budget reasons. You can also feel you’re living in a modern home, like you see on home makeover shows, if you just use smart strategies like playing with light or making small but smart changes. Even with garage doors Melbourne homes can receive an instant transformation—if you do it like the pros.

Not sure you have a natural gift for home improvement? We compiled some tips that would be easy for anyone to implement.

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Are Upgrades Worth the Investment?

Still on the fence about whether home improvement is the area you need to spend your hard-earned cash on? If any of the following applies to your scenario, it would be a smart investment to make:

  • You’re planning to sell your home in the near future, or even a few years from now. Whether it’s for retirement or work, make sure your home sells easily and at the right price by showcasing it at its best.
  • Your home is comfortable, but you feel it’s a bit drab. You want to give your family a more modern space to live in—something they’ll enjoy more coming home to.
  • You’ve realised that certain aspects of your home, such as having limited natural light, is affecting your quality of life.

Always be diligent in making sure your budget will work and not put you under too much financial pressure. However, if you do have money to invest in your property, we’ll show you how to get the best returns at minimal cost.

Easy—Budget-friendly—Ways to Modernise a Property

Easy—Budget-friendly—Ways to Modernise a Property


The changes and strategies mentioned below all have different effects. So, pick tasks based upon the outcome that will benefit you and your family the most.

Pick One Thing

There may be a lot about your home you want to change, and you feel your budget will never support it all. It can also be overwhelming thinking of all the work and inconvenience the renovations will require. Try to break up the plan into smaller milestones and only focus on one thing at a time.

For the first task, pick something that will have a huge effect in an instant. This will help you feel there’s progress, keeping you motivated for future renovations. And, if you don’t get to doing more, your property will already look impressive to buyers.

For example, a smart first task is installing a new garage door. It can transform curb appeal and you’ll see it each time you return home, feeling a bit better about the condition of your property.

Get Smart

Adding smart home features may solve the need for change. Enjoy the benefit of controlling elements of your home via your smartphone for the epitome of luxury. But remember you’re also winning in terms of other goals:

  • Save on utility costs
  • Make your home safer
  • Impress future buyers

And no, these changes don’t have to be very invasive or require major renovations. Experts can work with the current layout and components. Your new garage doors can be controlled, as well as lights and many other existing features.

Go Minimalistic

Go Minimalistic


Luckily, the trend in interior design is no longer to add as much décor and accessories to a room as you can. Rather, it’s all about keeping it simple. This is good news if you’re looking to upgrade the interior of a bedroom, bathroom or living area.

Instead of picking a very elaborate theme and trying to communicate that with everything from wallpaper to linen and knick knacks, go the minimalistic way. Even if you just invest in the basic, functional furniture, you can make a space look stylish. Add a rug and a pot plant and you’ll be good to go.

Allow More Light

More light—natural that is—has the ability to change how you experience a room:

  • Make compact spaces feel spacious
  • No more need for artificial light, saving you money
  • Show off décor elements and colours of the room
  • Spaces feel more welcoming
  • Puts you in a better mood

Also, you’ll create a healthier home, since sunlight can boost your health.

There are many ways to achieve this, from adding a skylight to getting blinds that help you control light better. You can even have transparent panels in your new garage door, so you can better use the interior for hobbies or other purposes, without the need of harsh overhead lighting.

Make an Impact with Fixtures

Make an Impact with Fixtures


Experts will always mention the power of small details. If you upgrade fixtures like cupboard handles and bathroom hardware, you’ll be amazed at how much more modern the space feels.

A Coat of Paint

If you’re new to renovations, perhaps you need the simplest change of all. Paint. Whether you do inside or outside, new paint always gives a home a fresher feel. Also, the place will seem well looked after. Simply pick colours that fit with other elements like your roof, garage door or interior cupboards, so there’s a sense of cohesion across the property.


See? It doesn’t take a lot to feel better about your home’s condition. A new garage door, some tech or changes to just one room can increase resale value and make your home more convenient and welcoming. Do you have other tips for homeowners wanting to make some changes? Please share your ideas.