Some people tend to express themselves through actions, some with firm opinions out loud, and some with tattoos that represent a certain motto or something else they believe in. Showing their thoughts with symbolic pictures or words can define not only a person’s attitude towards life but can allow a person to grow. When considering the style and options in the tattoo-land the Arabic language is as good as it can get.

And don`t worry if you the tattoo artist make a mistake or adds something you don`t like. Tattoo removal is cheap and efficient if done with a laser. You can read more about it if you take a look at this blog post.

Somewhere between 512 to 562 AD, the Arabic words found roots coming from the tribal, traditional and core avenues of the culture. The Arabic language has two versions, the first one is the classical version present in the Holy Quran, and the second one is the easier version for everyday writing and communication. Such a mysterious, royal and elegant letters in a language are truly beautiful to see.

The Arabic tattoos have found the way for people all around the world to express their thoughts and look almost perfect without knowing what they mean. We have prepared a list of most popular Arabic Tattoos.

The first one we had in mind has been inspiring for centuries “FEAR NOTHING” – “لا تخف.” It represents bravery and determination to the person with the tattoo. An excellent motivation message to keep going on to the next chapter of life.

“FORGET THE PAST, BUT NEVER FORGET THE LESSON” – “ننسى الماضي ، ولكن لن ننسى الدرس” it will touch everybody’s memory of a specific situation in life. This can even be your motto in life if it is not already.

My personal favorite “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” – “كل هذا سيمرق.” So simple but complex at the same time. According to may tattoo lovers and artists, this is one of the most wanted right now. It tells you that tomorrow will come, the sun will rise and you can try again.

“IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY” – “النقص هو الجمال,” you can find it if you look properly. The hidden beauty is in the imperfections of your beloved ones, that is one of the reasons you love them.

“FAITH” – “إيمان,” what is in front of you will surely come. Another motivation message for the person with this tattoo, to never give up.

“FREEDOM” – “حرية,” the ones with the spirit to show and the life to prove its words. Genius and small tattoo, most popular and practical.

“FRIENDSHIP”- “صداقة,” a favorite tattoo for all generations. The younger generation tend to use this one the most, their age makes them feel more connected to it.

“PEACE AND LOVE” – “حب و سلام,” always a present tattoo on any language. The persons with it tend to note their understanding of higher values in life than materialistic ones.

“To the Moon and Back” – “إلى القمر والعودة,” it those tell you everything you need to know. When you are in love and decide to write something on you to make a memory, this one is good enough not ever to regret doing it.

“Love Yourself First” – “حب نفسك اولا,” in recent times the most popular tattoo after Selena Gomez decided to add this one to her list. Was this the answer to a song by Justin Bieber? Nevertheless, it can make you understand you need to love yourself to be able to love others.