If you’re planning a move to LA this year, you’re at the right place. Did you know, there’s a lot you should know? There’s no denying the fact that LA is a beautiful city to live in, but moving to LA from any other location can be truly terrifying especially if you are not aware of the neighborhoods and the environment.  Here are 10 useful tips for anyone who’s intending to relocate to LA this year:


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1. Save Money

Yes, you heard it right. Save money. The more money you save in the beginning, the better you would be able to manage initially. At this point, if you’re thinking how much exact sum you should save to stick through the tough times after moving – well, that depends.


Yes, it’s all about your expectations. If you’re fine staying at your friend’s place for a few days and don’t even expect much in terms of food or other luxuries, you can save accordingly. However, if you’re planning to invest in your own home, get ready to spend. According to californiamoversusa.com, the average apartment price in Los Angeles is roughly in between $4,000-$7,000, so you should make up your mind to have at least this amount ready before moving.

2. Plan Ahead

Los Angeles, despite all the glamour and scenic beauty, is a busy state. It’s also important to understand that nobody here is indebted to give you any support as most of them are struggling for the same opportunities. Whether you’ve already searched a new job for yourself in LA or planning to find one, planning is important. Try to focus on long-term, time-sensitive goals and make a strategy to attain them.

3. Find a Place Near Your Workplace

Let’s face it, you cannot navigate LA if you don’t have a car. Although, there are reasonable public transportation options, it’s still not comparable to other states like Miami or Philadelphia. Plus, the traffic issues are big too. To avoid trouble, try to find a place near your workplace. It will make your transition a heck of a lot stress-free and easier.


4. Expect Great Weather

With bright sunshine and perfect temperature, it’s easy to carry through your routine work in LA than other states with extreme climates. Make sure to sell, donate or swap your sweaters and other woolen clothes before moving to LA as you might not need them except for vacations.


5. Select the Right Moving Supplies

When it comes to a long-distance move, it’s very important that you select suitable moving supplies. Keep in mind, moving long-distance is entirely different from your local move. Don’t rely on just tape and boxes.


From boxes to labeling and tapes to cargo straps, you need plenty of things to make your move stress-free and safe. Also, make sure to estimate supplies cost to avoid any unwanted surprise in the end.

6. Select Your Neighborhood Carefully

When you’re relocating to Los Angeles, it’s crucial to select your neighborhood attentively. Initially, you can stay at your friend’s place or may want to find an economical place so that you can hunt down a good apartment for yourself. Due to the troubling traffic and long distances between neighborhoods, people generally wait for the weekends. It would be great if you can find a place near your friends or workplace. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed and family oriented place or a fun-filled and entertaining location, don’t forget to skim through numerous available neighborhood options before finalizing a place for yourself.


7. Expect Amazing Hang-Out Destinations

As mentioned earlier, LA is a beautiful place. With eye-catching mountains and bright sunshine, you can never get bored of the beauty this place has to offer. There are hundreds of gyms and workout places along with common interest clubs that can keep you engaged throughout the weekend.

8. Hire Professional Movers

Whether you’re moving across the street or making an intrastate move, you have to be prepared for lots of hassle and hard work. You can significantly reduce this burden by hiring professional movers. As they are trained individuals with lots of house and commercial moving experience, they can help you out with your moving tasks.


9. Network

Moving is troublesome not just because you need lots of money for that but also because you have to forgo your friends, family and favorite activities behind. Thus, it’s important that you take some time out to research about the available club memberships or another activities of your interest so that you can get back to your routine as soon as you get shifted to your new place.

10. Stay Calm and Positive

This is certainly the most important step. Try to keep yourself calm and positive during the moving process.  Remember, the more disciplined and well-organized you are, the better you would be able to handle your move to Los Angeles in 2019.


Happy moving!