There’s no doubt in the fact that it is the definitive modern media. But have you ever wondered what impact Netflix has had on the global entertainment industry?

Before we get into what made Netflix the platform, it is today, answer these questions. When was the last time you watched a TV show on cable or a rented DVD? When was the last time you watched a show or a movie on Netflix? If you’re a modern media consumer, we believe you have a more clear-cut answer to the latter question.

On April 14, 1998, a small startup in Scotts Valley, California, launched a website called Since then, the consumption of entertaining content has changed considerably. Instead of renting DVDs or heading towards the movie theaters, people have started to browse through movies and TV series directly from

Twenty-three years later, Netflix has more than 60 million subscribers in the US alone. The American media service providers’ subscribers grow by around 10% every year.

While the modern-day media consumers are delighted with how Netflix works, it has dramatically impacted the TV and film industry.

By drawing users towards watching TV shows online, Netflix has become a direct competitor of traditional media. Moreover, since 2013, Netflix has also started creating its original content and is becoming a fierce competitor in the industry.

Anyways, the entertainment industry that seems to be affected by the evolution of modern media such as Netflix should try to up its game in terms of content.

If you are a customer of this modern-day media, then we have some good news for you as Netflix has added some great content in January. However, before you start reading further, make sure you have a high-speed internet that can entertain high-quality HD video streaming. In case you don’t have such an internet connection, then can help you in finding an internet service that doesn’t let buffering and lagging to come between your Netflix and chill time.

Following are some of Netflix shows you shouldn’t miss this January 2024:

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1. Messiah

Messiah is an original Netflix series that aired on January 1, 2024. The first TV series of the Netflix 2024 marathon has undoubtedly managed to intrigue the audience.

The series is based on a man called Al-Masih. The series is shown through the lens of an undercover CIA officer, Eva Geller. The charismatic figure of Al-Masih has cultivated followers, who believe that the man has divine powers and performs miracles. While Al-Masih carries trails of the miraculous phenomena as he travels around the world, the global media has become quite interested in his personality.

However, it is yet to be revealed whether the man is a divine entity or just a con artist aiming to disrupt world geopolitical order.

2. The Circle

The Netflix reality show premiered on January 2, 2024, and it has thrilled the audience with the bitter-sweet reality of social media communication.

The series shows eight contestants living in a single private apartment, probably in the same building, with zero physical contact. The only source of communication they have is a voice-activated social media platform called “The Circle.”

The Circle doesn’t let the contestants know about who they are communicating. The game is all about gaining influence by being the most popular contestant. And also, you have to avoid getting voted out. The winner of this reality game will get $100k. * Tadaaa *

3. Dracula

The Netflix series Dracula is an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s original novel. It is a portrayal of the classic villain in a broader canvas. However, the series has some changes in the storyline that deviate from the book.

After the three 90-minute episodes, the audience is quite eagerly waiting for a season 2, though we are still not sure if there is going to be one.

The series premiered on January 4, 2024, and is now waiting for you to remember the greatest villains of all time.

4. AJ and the Queen

Written and produced by RuPaul and the Sex and the City writer and director, Michael Patrick King, AJ, and the Queen is a drama that shows the life of a runaway drag queen and a stowaway child.

The beautifully shot drama series follows the drag queen and the child on a road trip across America. Ruby Red, played by RuPaul in the brand new Netflix series, is an old-time New York club queen, who saved $100,000 so that she can quit her job and open her drag club. However, Ruby’s wicked boyfriend has other plans and wants to get away with the cash.

Nevertheless, Ruby meets a recently orphaned, 11-year-old, stowaway boy who travels with her from city to city in America, and so begins a new story.

The series went on Netflix on January 10, 2024.

Ready for some entertainment?

These are some shows that you can watch to entertain yourself this month. We are sure that Netflix has a lot in store for you this year.