One way or another, a person always ends up in some kind of legal situation at least once in their lifetime. Once you get in this kind of situation, there is no going back from it. You simply have to deal with it. You cannot just expect that it will resolve by itself. The judge will be waiting to give you a verdict, you must show up. But, you should never plan on showing up alone to defend yourself in a criminal case.

I understand that it is much cheaper to go on by yourself instead of hiring a lawyer, but the amount of money you could lose from a case can be a lot more than just hiring a professional. Of course, if you do hire an attorney that does not necessarily mean that you will win your case. But, the chances that the judge may favor your side of the case are increased.

Sometimes, it is not even about the money. If we are talking about something criminally illegal, you might end up paying something worse than cash. You can end up in jail or prison and that is something that you definitely do not want. With that being said, hiring a lawyer for this seems to be a necessary. If you’re ready to hire one, Claremore Attorneys will be able to help you analyze and reduce your sentence or fine.

If you are still not convinced, here is this guide for 2024 that will tell you the reasons why you should never defend yourself in a criminal case.

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You do not know the law

The law is a part of almost every society on this planet. Humans have been inventing all kinds of rules and regulations since ancient times. However, regular citizens only have a basic understanding of those rules and how the law works. That is because we live that kind of information for the people that run the law. The police, judges, lawyers, and others.

In other words, it is safe to assume that you do not know much about the law. You probably have no idea which exact rules you have broken. Because, if it is a criminal case, you have probably broken several rules. These illegal things you have done can add up which leads to a heftier fine or a longer time in jail.

Without any extended knowledge of the law, you will be unable to defend yourself in court. Thankfully, attorneys have been studying law for years and years which makes them a great option for defense in court.

You will get emotional

Another very big problem with the idea of defending yourself in a criminal case is the fact that you will probably get emotional at the court. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but it will definitely start clouding your judgment and will affect what others are thinking of you. Getting emotional might influence the judge to perceive you in a different way.

When you are in court, everyone expects you to be professional about the entire situation. You cannot become angry or start crying while trying to explain why your innocence. With this kind of unprofessional behavior, the judge may even dismiss all you have had to say.

No one will be impressed

You probably have seen dozens of movies where the main protagonist goes and defends himself/herself in court. During the entire process, everyone is amazed that the protagonist has the courage to do this. But, in reality, no one really cares. These kinds of situations happen more than you could guess. So many people believe that they have what it takes to defend themselves in a criminal case.

Unfortunately, they do not have what it takes. They simply do not understand the law or the terms that are used in court.

So, do not expect that the judge or that the prosecutor will be impressed with your decision to go and defend yourself in court. The sentence will stay the same.

There is a lot of paperwork

Have you ever been to a lawyer’s office? Well, if you have been, I assume that you have noticed they have hundreds of different files and folders organized around the office. This is simply because the law requires people to go through a lot of paperwork. Even today, in these modern times we have computers, phones, laptops, and tablets, you will still end up with a stack of paperwork that you must go through.

Every mistake that you make in that paperwork can cost you. If there are documents that you have failed to fill in properly, those certain documents will be declined in court. In other words, evidence that you can use to protect yourself in court can become completely insignificant if you fail the paperwork.

So, instead of handling all that paperwork by yourself, you can hire an attorney that will do that for you. Not only will they fill in the paperwork properly, but they will also go through it hundreds of times to ensure that there are not any mistakes that could jeopardize your future as suggested by This is probably why most lawyers have several assistants.

It hurts to be subjective

This point connects well with my previous paragraph about getting emotional. One of the best attorneys is so successful because they are always subjective towards the cases that they take. Once an attorney gets emotionally connected to the case or the person, that is when things start to go wrong. That is when they stop seeing the evidence objectively which ultimately hurts the case of their client.

So, if you consider that even a professional that has been in court thousands of times during their lifetime can become emotional towards the case, you can imagine how difficult it is to be objective. The reality is that you cannot be objective towards your own case. We are talking about your own money in your own freedom. You will definitely be subjective during this entire case which will hurt you in the end.

After reading through this 2024 guide I hope that you understand the reality of your situation and that you are going to hire an attorney to protect you in a criminal case.