Food is a vital part of everyday life and one does not need any occasion to relish and delve into the different multi cuisines to experience a real gastronomic outing to satiate your hunger pangs. With the advancement in digital technology, customers are getting accustomed to making online deals via app to satiate their food cravings instantly. One can order from some of the best food joints and restaurants, through the food apps like Doordash, Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24 to name a few. There are many players in the market and one such company is Uber Eats having spread its wings in cities across the U.S, makes food delivery at your doorstep more convenient with great UberEats coupons like savings of 40% off on the first order and $7 discount on restaurants like Taco Bell, Subway, LA Café and more for the new users. Check here for the latest discounts and promotions and save instantly on your orders.

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Reasons that make these Platforms so popular


During the pandemic, the demand for online food delivery services is expanding and customers are more inclined towards convenience, safety, and accessibility. Furthermore, an exciting array of luscious options, attractive and cheaper deals makes the on-demand food ordering apps stand apart. Many similar services are ensuring safety guidelines and encouraging their customers to contactless drop-offs to minimize the chance of spreading the virus.

In terms of Consistency


Convenience for the customer is a major factor in on-demand food shipping apps. Whatever the weather conditions, anybody can get their order delivered from a convenient place to their doorstep. DoorDash is one of the most popular and well-established delivery apps, recently made contactless option the default choice due to the pandemic. Menus are easy to navigate and accessible and let you search by type of delicacies, price level, rating level, and fast shipping. Another feature included in this app is the scoring based system on food quality and restaurant popularity. You can score more savings by using the discount deals that are being offered like free shipping on minimum order value $10 or a new user discount of $5 on the first 3 orders.

Fast Delivery Option


Speed is an essential factor in terms of food delivery. To find a way to revolutionize your dining experience, UberEats makes your life easier and healthier by offering gourmet experience and serving hygienic and quality items, providing a wide range of meal options for everyone to enjoy from the lavish spread of cuisines, along with categories like Popular near you and National brands with the average delivery time of under 30 minutes. The app also helps you to keep track of where your driver is in real time — a nice feature when you need to know when you’ll be able to eat.

Joining the Uber rewards program also gets you to earn points across the food orders that can add up to free delivery. This platform also helps you find huge savings up to 70% off using the Uber Eats code EPIC 70 on select restaurants like Carl’s Jr, Denny’s, Lobster Central, etc. During Covid-19, UberEats has also waived delivery fees in the US and Canada.

Easy Payment


Whenever you want to order food, customers are always on a lookout for best deals, and easy payment methods if you don’t wish to share your credit card info directly and Grubhub is one such app that supports almost all payment methods including PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Having a partnership with almost 30,000 restaurants in more than 800 U.S urban communities, this handy app will surely make customers happy and satisfied with their services. You can even schedule a meal ahead of time if you need to or free treat, or rewards from local restaurants. Try it, with deals updated every day you are sure to discover something new for your order.

Offers and Promotions


The delivery apps understand the needs of your starving stomach and the cravings for exquisite mouth-watering cuisines, so they entice their customers by the most impressive promotional offers, to get their customers hooked on and wanting for more at affordable prices. Restaurants attract the foodies by great offers, and the food delivery apps provide them to you whenever and wherever you want.

Delivery Deals


If you are a foodie and eat out quite frequently then definitely you will look for deals where you can save on the delivery charges every time you order. Postmates have a unique $10 monthly subscription or $100 annually that guarantees you free shipping on all orders which turns out to be more profitable than paying for every delivery. Another advantage of using this app is that their service is available 24/7, of course as long as the restaurant you are ordering from is still open.

Additionally, this app also delivers Alcohol, but one needs to confirm your age before placing the order. During the pandemic, Postmates has introduced a feature called Drop Off Options, whereby giving customers the ability to choose to either meet their delivery driver at the door, curbside, or get the delivery at your door through non- contact option.

Late-night deliveries


If you happen to be a nighttime eater, then app EAT24 is just the perfect one for you, as this food delivery service is available any time of the day or night. What’s more, the app has some discount offers from cafes with your location so you can save money on that as well as enjoy good and fresh food at your doorstep.

Furthermore, this app will not disappoint you as you can also track your delivery in real-time mode and see all the updates. Another good thing is you can get up to five days pre-order as well.



Restaurant owners require not to stress on transportation, so the on-demand food delivery option works out to be the best concerning transportation cost and time.

With modern smart devices and abundant food delivery businesses reaching its peak in recent years, making the whole process of ordering food easy with multiple cuisines available at just the click of a button, customers are becoming more demanding.