Planning to renovate your old kitchen island but couldn’t reach a conclusion about which type of island you should get? Do not worry about it; you will get great design ideas for revamping your old kitchen countertop. Kitchen islands are the heart and soul of a kitchen.

If they are not in good condition, the whole vibe of the cooking space is brought down. This is where you prepare meals for your family or dine together. So, your kitchen island must always be shiny. But why choose a basic or simple kitchen island design when you can have a modern, classy one side waterfall island?

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What is a one sided waterfall island?

One side waterfall island is a kitchen island whose worktop flows to one side of the island’s surface. It looks elegant and is perfect for any type of kitchen, be it a vast dining space or a small one-wall kitchen.

However, there are various one side waterfall island design ideas that you should explore for changing the vibe of your kitchen. You can also check out the latest waterfall countertop trends on this site.

One side waterfall island design ideas:

1. Classy lights over a one side island:

Good lighting swiftly changes the whole aura of a house. You can change the lighting of your newly renovated kitchen and see the difference yourself. But instead of going for basic lighting, use some unique shapes like conicals or squares.

Hang them over your one-sided waterfall island, and you can see how beautiful your kitchen will start to look. Next, decorate your kitchen island with beautiful vases and matching cutlery. You can also add chairs matching the kitchen island and see how amazing the combination will look.

2. Black marble one side waterfall slab:


Somebody has rightly said that black makes everything classy and elegant. Even on the kitchen island, you can see black’s magic, making the whole kitchen look more vibrant. You can also have a black one-side waterfall slab in place of your old kitchen island.

You can use this black kitchen island waterfall on one side as a breakfast bar and see your friends and family having a great time while you cook delicious meals for them. To create similarity in the whole kitchen, you can have the backsplash made from black marble.

3. Quartz one side waterfall kitchen island with wooden chairs:

Quartz is one of the finest stones used to make kitchen countertops and kitchen island waterfall one side features. It is safe for cutting and chopping vegetables as there are no toxins involved in making it. You can even get a quartz one-side waterfall kitchen countertop.

To give your kitchen a country-like look, you can have wooden kitchen cabinets and a backsplash. Throw in some wooden chairs to complete the whole look of your newly renovated kitchen.

4. Oak finished one side waterfall islands:

Oak is a popular material for making tables, chairs and kitchen islands. You can even paint it in a colour of your choice to make it look similar to the real choice. Put up a one-side waterfall kitchen island, and your new kitchen island is all set for installation.

You can also have your whole kitchen or bathroom covered with similar oak wood and colour to create harmony between the island and other furniture. You can even install two one-sided waterfall islands in your kitchen if you have plenty of space.

5. Brass lanterns over island:

If you are looking to create a royal touch in your kitchen, you can do it by using brass as the core material.

Brass gives a regal look that will go well with your one sided waterfall island. You can even have brass taps and chairs to go with it.

Make sure to choose light colours for your kitchen island to sit well with your brass accessories. Dark-coloured slabs will take away their shine, and other accessories will look dull. So, to create a balance using lighter slab colours is an effective choice.

6. White kitchen with a one-side waterfall:


The white kitchen looks extremely beautiful and makes everything look bright. How about adding a one-side waterfall kitchen island to your clean white kitchen? It will look beautiful, and you will have a continuous flow of white, starting from the kitchen island to the whole kitchen walls.

You can add curved gray sofas to go with your kitchen aesthetics. Then, put on a lavender flower vase to break the white monotony and see how gorgeous your kitchen will look.

7. Grey dome light magic:

Dome light gives a very secretive vibe as it points towards one direction solely. But it looks extremely beautiful when it lies on top of a quartz one-sided kitchen island. You can add similar dome-like objects around the kitchen to the dome-shaped lights. Also, put on beautiful plants to make your kitchen look more appealing.

8. Spacious one-sided waterfall island:

You don’t need to have cabinets around the kitchen only. You can also make drawers on the side of your one-sided kitchen island.

You can keep the colour of your kitchen island slab according to your kitchen walls. Either you can have them all in a similar colour, or you can have contrasting colours. For example, if you want your kitchen slab to be in light colour, then paint your walls in darker tones.

9. Modern home bar:

One can use the one-sided kitchen slabs in more than one place. If you want, you can use them for your home bar too. You can create cabinets on top of it and have plenty of space for keeping your glasses and drinks.

Make sure to keep your home bar colour similar to the flooring colour. It will look great, and you will love serving drinks to your friends.



A one side waterfall island countertop is a versatile piece of the kitchen. It can work well with any type of kitchen, modern or farmhouse.

While designing your kitchen or bathroom with a one-side waterfall, you can never go wrong. Just keep in mind to choose the right colour for your one sided waterfall island. Your kitchen or bathroom walls shouldn’t be too loud that they happen to overshadow the island.