The internet is the best place to learn new skills. Whether you want to learn writing or music, the opportunities are endless. Students and teachers get connected from the comfort of their homes, especially when the world is in danger of increasing cases of COVID-19.

According to, online music lessons come in many different forms, including written tutorials, YouTube videos, and taking classes via Skype. But the question arises, are these lessons helpful in enhancing one’s poor musical skills? The answer is YES.

Let’s dig into the details!

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1. No Limit of Areas


Students living in remote areas can easily take online music lessons, provided they have a good internet connection. Taking classes online opens up many options for beginners as they get the possibility of learning any instrument from the comfort of their home. Likewise, teachers can control the duration of classes, and they don’t need to spend resources on the studio.

2. Audio-Visual Experience

Unlike learning from a CD or written guide, online lectures can provide an audio-visual experience that keeps you motivated throughout learning.

3. Confidence VS cost


Confidence plays a vital role in the learning process. In online classes, the teacher helps you stay calm and you learn from your mistakes. Whereas, no such attention is given in classrooms.

In contrast to traditional music classes, online lessons are cost-effective as there is no traveling expense involved, and teachers don’t need to book studios on rent. Did you ever realize the confidence you get at such a price is comparatively high as that what you pay a higher amount for class settings?

4. Better Response to Criticism

You can’t grow without receiving feedback on your performance. Online music lessons teach you to remain open-minded throughout the classes. When working with a qualified teacher, you receive constructive criticism and based on that you work hard to improve skills. This ability to respond to criticism also helps you grow in other aspects of life.

5. One-On-One Attention


In online classes, you get individual attention. Your private teacher focuses 100% on you by making notes of improvement and developing a new plan accordingly. Whereas in classrooms, the teacher has to struggle with every person; thus, those who need more attention with a concept get overlooked unintentionally.

6. Time Management and Consistency

You will agree that time management and consistency can lead you towards a better future. To become a successful music student, you need to give time and consistency throughout the lessons. Moreover, these qualities also help a person do well in his or her education, career, and relationships.

7. Improved Ability to Handle Stress


In online lessons, because the focus is on one person, they can handle stress in a better way. The teacher will give constructive feedback, and unlike a classroom, these private lessons provide no way to escape. Most of the students indeed try to “hide” in the classroom to avoid answering questions asked by the teacher, but no such escape exists in a private lesson. Hence, making you more accountable.

8. Work ethic and self-discipline

A private teacher helps you build a strong work ethic, goal-setting process, and self-discipline vital for your successful life. Moreover, it helps improve your communication skills as you learn how to talk professionally in this competitive environment.

9. Boost Reading and Conception Skills


Studies suggest that a person who undertakes private music lessons is more intelligent than those who don’t take it privately. They also have better comprehension and reading skills because teachers help them gradually develop their skills, unlike in classrooms where the focus is on speed learning rather than quality learning.

  • Develop a Sense of Identity

Private music lessons help develops a sense of identity. In this special time, you meet with your teacher, talk to them regarding courses and everything related to that which helps improve your self- confidence. In contrast, the classroom setting doesn’t offer this advantage. Additionally, music lessons help increase your rhythmic and tonal skills.

  • Customized lessons

Because you have a different way of learning, your private teacher will first analyze your strong and weak points, and then customize the teaching plan accordingly. One lesson never fits all. You will get a visual, aural, and hands-on practice guide, whatever suits you the best. Whereas, in a class setting, one plan is provided to all the students without realizing their weaknesses.

  • Extra Practice Sessions

In online music classes, you get extra practice sessions because the teacher’s attention is on you. Also, teachers feel relaxed when interacting with a single person rather than group classes.

  • Stress Relief

Music is soothing to ears and used for ages to treat illness. It has the power to relax, and at the same time, it also entertains a person. You will be glad to know that one of the most positive aspects of learning music is that it helps reduce your stress level. Studies revealed that music helps decrease depression and bring a positive change in one’s life

10. Recordings


Last but not least, there are many webinar platforms that allow you to record lessons on a daily basis. Skype is also the best option, at no additional cost, but it’s always better to keep it updated to get all its benefits. In both cases, you can review lessons later.

Find the best teacher

When thinking to learn music online, find a teacher who is experienced and has a greater sense of accountability so you the best musical education! After all, the key to success depends on the best teacher/student relationship.

The verdict


Online music lessons are best for some students who live too far from instructors’ places or find themselves uncomfortable in a class atmosphere. Likewise, internet music tutorials can be a useful tool for many, but it can’t be the best option to learn your favorite instrument––there are no tailored lessons and no feedback on the performance, known as the two main elements of private online music classes.

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