Lanyards have the closest connection with badge holders because of the widespread use of ID cards across businesses and events like concerts and entertainment programs as well as in public places like government offices and establishments, hospitals, prisons, etc.

Ones used for such purpose may have different looks and make from different materials like braided or woven fabrics, but perform the same function of displaying ID cards that hang from the accessories or attachments tied to it. The badge holders have an arrangement for attaching it to the hook or ring, which is part of the lanyard. The badge holders have one side clear for visibility of the ID card placed within it.

The attachments are no less important because its design and construction not only ensure that the badge holders stay securely attached to the lanyard but also display the front and center of the badge. Visibility is critical to maintaining security by knowing the identity of people from the badges.

Lanyards defy its simple looks with its versatility that has helped it to make a significant impact on the world today. Today, they not used just to carry ID cards, but it plays a vital role in business promotion as companies can print their logos and brand message on it to draw quick attention. Ones that you find at are also useful as safety accessories and gadget holders as people used to use it for holding mobile phones when the device first made its appearance.

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Customization options

Lanyards could be made far more powerful and effective with customization. Thanks to the customization option, an organization is able to incorporate custom designs and logos to their lanyards and custom tailor them according to the unique requirements of the organization.

They come in different varieties, and as technological advancement has enabled printing lanyards, the possibilities of customizations have become almost endless. Customization also reflects in the choice of material, and you can choose between cord, cotton, nylon, polyester twill of appropriate width depending on what kind of printing you want, if at all. If you want to print them, then you must be careful to select a printable material and suitable method of printing because all materials are not ideal for all kinds of printing. For example, the method of printing on woven fabric will be different than that on polyester material.

You must choose a printing method – screen printing, hot stamping, dye sublimation, or woven fabric print. Remember that the cost will depend on the material and the printing method. Cheap ones are usually the non-printed variety.

Lastly, you must select a suitable attachment for the lanyard that looks stylish and is highly functional in safely holding the badge holder.

Lanyard attachments

Clips and hooks are the most common types of accessories or attachments that give completeness to lanyards because it plays a critical role in securely attaching ID cards, press passes, event badges, tour laminates and more. A variety of attachments are available that suit every need by going beyond badge holders because lanyards can even hold water bottles if provided with the right kind of attachment.

The lanyard attachments can securely display custom badges for maximum visibility, and you can choose between standard, safety, and premium attachments. Some of the popular attachments are lobster claw attachment, breakaway attachment, and J-hook attachment.

Lobster claw attachment–Lanyards are no more the simple cord of the yesteryears but have acquired more decorative looks with high-quality printing and stylish attachments. The lobster claw attachment has a scratch-proof surface and spring-loaded mechanism that facilitates easy switching out badges while ensuring optimal security.

Breakaway attachment – Breakaway lanyards are the ultimate choice when safety is the topmost concern because it can be a real lifesaver. They have a unique design that ensures easy detachment, which is very useful when you face some troublesome snag and need to break away from it. It is ideal for athletes, photographers, journalists, security personnel, and anyone who considers safety a top priority.

J-hook – This is a standard attachment that is easy to use, economical, and secure and best for holding ID cards and event badges.

In addition to the above, there are some other types of attachments like metal or plastic swivel hooks, bulldog clips, and split rings. Also, you can select a mobile phone loop or a badge reel.

Lanyard materials

Nylon and polyester are the most common types of lanyard materials because these are lightweight but strong and durable besides being easy to maintain. Cotton and cord are the other materials for lanyards. The commonly used width of lanyards is 3/8″ and ¾”, and you can also find 1″ wide lanyards. Synthetic materials are more popular because they can resist mold and mildew and do not elongate or shrink.

Whether to use printed or plain lanyards is a decision that depends on how you want to use lanyards for your business. If you want to use it for marketing to derive promotional advantage by using lanyards, then printing the company logo or brand message is mandatory, and you must choose a plain and simple artwork that makes reading the text easy.

Advantages of Lanyards for Businesses

Lanyards act as an excellent tool for promoting your business. They are great for fortifying your brand identity, enhancing networking opportunities, attracting new customers, and retaining loyal customers, and instilling immense pride in employees. Whether you seem to be at a tradeshow, conference, or any local networking event, customized lanyards having your company logo, could prove to be a wonderful conversation starter.

Building a robust brand identity is certainly a key goal of every business, and customized lanyards go a long way in fulfilling the goal. The greatest challenge encountered by every company is to identify a cost-effective way of boosting its brand visibility. Utilizing personalized lanyards could be the most budget-friendly way of boosting your overall brand visibility.


By using custom-tailored lanyards, organizations help in boosting team spirit and camaraderie. Employees look far more professional. It is an effective way for businesses to get brand exposure in a budget-friendly way.