Great Wall Motor Company Limited, China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer, has announced its first small car from the Ora brand. They are hitting the local Chinese EV market this year. The 2024 Ora R1 is a tiny yet super-affordable electric commuter with a range up to 194 miles.

This EV is no Tesla, but it comes with 4 wheels, a battery, and an electric 35-kilowatt motor. Ora R1 can travel about 200 miles on a single charge and it costs between $8,680 and $11,293 after deducting EV subsidies available in China.

China has issues with the gigantic urban populations which suffer from air pollution, which makes this car a necessity for the country.

The 2024 Ora R1 first appeared at the Beijing Auto Show last year. It can reach a top speed around 62 mph (100 km/h). This versatile car is extremely functional. Moreover, it comes with a three-year/120,000 km warranty and an eight-year/150,000 km warranty for core components.

This car is a direct-to-customer sales model, which means no dealerships from the chain will sell it. Instead, it will be found in experience centers and smart outlets in the central business districts of the cities of China.

This tiny EV is currently only available in China, but there is a huge interest in the global market too.