Old School RuneScape has a player driven economy. This means that the entire player base can influence the items’ prices. Today we are taking a closer look on gold, gold’s price history and the Grand Exchange. Players can influence the gold price as well. Gold has never been stable, and the price has crashed and skyrocketed multiple times.

The Grand Exchange was brought into the game February 26, 2015. Grand Exchange is basically a digital marketplace for all players to buy, sell and look at items’ prices. Players do not need to advertise the items that they are selling. With the introduction of Grand Exchange, prices of items became more stable. Grand Exchange is located in northeast of Varrock and east of Edgeville. Over the years, player have found ways to exploit and profit off Grand Exchange. Players can earn money through the Grand Exchange without putting much work into it. Flipping or often called “marching” can be done through Grand Exchange by buying items for a low price and selling them back with a higher price. Marching in RuneScape is not easy to do efficiently at the beginning but it can be mastered by anyone with enough practice.

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Players who have no experience on marching should start with commonly traded items, because their margin will not make you lose money. To start flipping, players must go to the Grand Exchange and buy some commonly traded items. The items must be bought for less than the Grand Exchange guide price.

An easy way to check the items’ margin can be done in 2 steps: step 1, Buy an item for +5% of grand exchange guide price; step 2, sell the item back for -5% guide price. This simple trick will show you how big the margin is. This trick has a name, and the name of it is “price checking”. Price checking items will always make you lose money, that is why price checking can be quite pricey on the higher tier items. Players can flip any item they want. Less traded items may take longer to flip but can turn in more money.

To start flipping, you can use items that players use to skill. Cooked and raw fish are a good way to learn how to flip. Fish margins are usually 1-10 coins. Players then may keep flipping until you have met the buy limit or the margins close. Once you find an item that works well for you, list them down to somewhere, because you can flip the items in the future again. Players who are really invested in flipping should keep their eyes on updates. Updates where items get easier to obtain will bring the items’ price down. Players can buy hundreds of cheap items for a margin of 1-100 or higher priced items for margins of 100K-1M gold. Higher tier items usually have a low buy limit, which means you can buy 4-20 of them every 4 hours.

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Buying RuneScape gold has always been against the rules. The only way players are able to buy gold, while abiding the rules of Jagex, is by buying bonds and selling them in the Grand Exchange. Real world trading has always been a large market on RuneScape, just like any other MMO. If Jagex notices that you are buying gold, you will most likely get a temporary ban for real world trading. Sellers are in big trouble if they get caught. They can get their mule accounts banned, and all the wealth with them gone.

Gold sellers usually have multiple mule accounts, where the gold the seller owns has been split on different accounts in case of a ban. Buying gold skips this need of performing money-making methods. Buying gold can get you the gear you have always wanted. Players who buy gold can focus on the things they love to in RuneScape because they do not have to use time on boring and click-intensive, money-making methods. Players have the option to grind 5-15 hours for one membership bond, when players who buy gold may buy a bond with 3-4 dollars. Having lots of gold will help you get skills faster, since you can buy the best equipment or the best materials straight out of the grand exchange.

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RuneScape gold has always been a big business. Gold selling site owners get thousands of dollars monthly. Gold price has gone down over the years, but why? The main two reasons are as follows.

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Gold farmers. Gold farmers are people who play RuneScape on usually many accounts doing the same thing and selling the items for profits and the gold for real-life money. Many Gold farmer accounts are located in developing countries, but this is not always the case. Gold farmers usually farm the same monsters. The most popular monsters among gold farmers are Zulrah, Zalcano, and Green dragons.

The 2nd reason as why gold price has gone down over the years is because game updates release more money-making methods, which means more and more gold is coming to the game. Even though the player base of OSRS has been going up ever since the release of mobile and great updates, the gold price is still going down. Gold price changes daily. If there is a lot of demand for gold, the price can skyrocket.

Lastly, were going to talk about safety when buying gold. Always buy from trusted gold sellers. Scammers
may give a price that sounds too good to be true, and it usually is. Always check that you are dealing with
the right person you were supposed to be dealing with. When buying with credit cards, some gold sellers
may ask for a picture with your ID, because they want to prevent credit card theft.