You’ve heard a lot about exogenous ketones–what’s the deal? Are they necessary and more importantly, do they work? Is it safe to enter ketosis? There are tons of questions on the topic of the keto diet and ketosis. The good news is, due to this, lots of research has been done and it’s easy to find information on supplements that help boost your ketone count.

First, you should know that adding a ketone supplement to your keto diet isn’t a necessary thing. Ketosis is a state that you will come into only through your diet, and you will stay in ketosis according to what you eat, so adding extra ketones isn’t essential. However, like many supplements, they can give you a boost and offer some excellent benefits.

What Exactly Are EK–Exogenous Ketones?

EK is a supplement that can be taken in addition to a diet that’s focusing on a low amount of carbs in order to boost your levels of ketones. The supplement enhances brain function and can be taken as a means to enhance your overall performance. Often, EK is taken during the morning as an integral aspect to intermittent fasting.

It’s important to understand that EK supplements aren’t diet pills. You shouldn’t take them by themselves or in addition to another type of diet–they won’t have much of an effect unless you’re eating very little carbs. If you’re consuming a standard diet, EK will merely be a waste of money, and won’t help you burn calories or lose weight.

How Will EK Affect Me?

EK supplements will put ketone bodies into your blood and help you enter–and stay in–ketosis. The results will vary according to an individual, but you’ll typically get a boost for a couple of hours before your ketones return to their baseline levels. EK isn’t a magic pill–don’t believe advertisements that say you can take them and still eat carbs. They’re merely a part of your adherence to the keto diet and are meant to give a boost to your energy and mind.

What Are the Best Supplements?

There are two brands on the market that make great exogenous ketone supplements: Pruvit KETO//OS and Perfect Keto. Pruvit is a popular keto company, and many people take their Keto MAX Charged supplements. These have caffeine and come in a great Grapefruit Peach flavor. However, many of their products have a very strong flavor, and if you’re sensitive to dairy, your stomach won’t agree with a lot from their line.

Perfect Keto is another well-known keto brand that has simple and clean nutrition labels on their products. A popular product is Vanilla Collagen Protein Powder, which has clean and simple ingredients and a great taste. Their Keto Base is also a bestseller with a more mild flavor, but no caffeine.

Both brands have a wide variety of products and flavors to choose from, and overall, they can help your experience of ketosis. Pruvit has a higher amount of calories and carbs, but their ingredient lists are not as clean and are much longer. Perfect Keto states exactly how much BHB is in their products. Try them both and discover the best for yourself.