Are you planning a trip to the great white north this fall? Whether you prefer the urban landscapes of southern Ontario, the old world beauty of Old Quebec City, or the Atlantic Provinces’ charisma — there’s something for everyone to see in Canada.

There are great shopping centres all across the country (and trust us, it’s a big one), and you’ll want to know where to go for the best retail deals. You’ll want to collect treasures and souvenirs from your travels and find the warmest fall and winter gear. The weather is quickly getting colder, and what better place to shop for fall and winter clothes than in Canada — a place where the temperature drops well below freezing once that winter chill hits!

Before you hit the road, check out — your ultimate online shopping guide to finding the country’s best stores and hottest deals. The website is a handy tool to have wherever you travel within the country. It tells you things such as how to find the closest Walmart or where to locate the best sales on raincoats (you never know when it’s going to downpour, especially on the west coast)! It also gives you shopping centre hours, locations, and any new pertinent information regarding COVID-19 regulations.

Read on to discover four of Canada’s coolest places to shop — from a sophisticated downtown shopping mall to places a little more off the beaten path.

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1. CF Toronto Eaton Centre — Toronto, Ontario


Toronto has Canada’s largest population. With almost 3 million people, it’s the capitol of the province of Ontario and is home to the Toronto Raptors and the CN Tower. It’s also home to one of the coolest shopping malls in North America! Housed right in the middle of the busy, exciting downtown part of the city, The Eaton Centre carries some of the world’s most sought-after brands, such as Top Shop, Sephora, and Eddie Bauer. There’s also a multi-level Indigo for the book lovers, and a huge dining area called the “Urban Eatery.” The Urban Eatery has everything from A&W to the Urban Herbivore — a delicious local favorite that serves vegan and vegetarian treats.

The Eaton Centre is conveniently and centrally located. Once you finish shopping, you can take a walk through the bustling city, take a short subway ride up to the Royal Ontario Museum, or jump on the streetcar to visit the city’s unique and charming Kensington Market.

It’s also incredibly easy to access via the Toronto Transit, and you can park your car or bicycle at its free parkade at the corner of Bay and Dundas Streets.

2. Midtown Plaza — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan is the breadbasket of Canada. In addition to producing delicious bread and wheat products, it’s known for beautiful prairies, wide-open skies, and an alternative tourist destination to the hectic sounds and sights of Toronto’s metropolitan city. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a slower, more rural adventure, then Saskatchewan is for you. It also happens to have some of western Canada’s best shopping centres, including Midtown Plaza.

While the province itself is chockablock with gorgeous fields and open roads, Saskatoon — the province’s largest city — is bursting with culture and exciting things to do. Midtown Plaza, located in the city’s centre, has everything you’ll need for a successful shopping trip. For example, the air gets pretty dry in the Canadian prairies — did you remember to bring your face moisturizer? Not to worry! Midtown Plaza has a Lush Cosmetics and a Bath and Body Works. For all of your fall fashion essentials, don’t forget to visit the Hudson’s Bay Company, the country’s oldest department store. Before you spend the afternoon there, visit the mall’s website to learn about its new COVID-19 rules and regulations.

3. Les Galeries de la Capitale — Quebec City, Quebec


Quebec City is one of North America’s most beautiful cities — and the oldest! It dates all the way back to 1608. The city’s history is rich, and there’s always something going on. The old part of the city has a very European vibe, so if you enjoy people watching while sipping on a delicious café au lait, Quebec City is the destination for you.

Do you also enjoy a little bit of retail therapy while you travel? Well, take a trip to the largest mall in the city, Les Galeries de la Capitale. You’ll definitely want to check out Simons, one of Quebec’s oldest and finest department stores, selling clothing for women and men of all ages. They also carry all the hottest brands worldwide, including Best Buy, H&M, and Levi’s. Furthermore, you can indulge in the mall’s indoor amusement park! Inspired by the Industrial Age and the Steampunk movement, this theme park has 18 rides and a 750-foot skating rink. Try not to spend all of your energy shopping — you’ll need to save some for all of those rides!

4. Halifax Shopping Centre — Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax, Nova Scotia is a quintessential east coast Canadian city — ocean views, a friendly population, and so much arts and culture to enjoy. It’s also home to the Halifax Shopping Centre, Atlantic Canada’s largest multi-building shopping centre. You’ll find everything from American Eagle Outfitters to Aritzia to Le Creuset stores. Spend an afternoon during your east coast trip stocking up on cozy winter essentials to bring back home. If you’re lucky enough to get there this month, check out the new Halloween-themed store, Spirit Halloween! The spooky shop is the world’s number one Halloween shop with the most unbeatable prices.

You can also visit the mall’s website for updates on the best deals on face masks and other promotions and any changing hours and information about curbside pickup.

If you like to travel, Canada is a must. There is natural beauty wherever you go, and each province is different. There is also excellent shopping to do all over the country. Just remember to plan your retail experiences ahead of time by checking out your online shopping guide first.