To have a plumbing system that works properly and efficiently is very important because this system actually makes up at least ten percent of the entire value of your home? Many people did not know about this fact which is why they end up selling their house for just a fraction of the price. So, if you do not want the price of your house to drop ridiculously low, you should do regular maintenance on your plumbing.

However, keeping the system properly functional is not just about the value of your home. It also brings a lot of benefits to you and everyone else that lives in your home whether it’s your family or your friends.

Well-maintained plumbing means that you will always have access to clean water which is vital if you want to lead a healthy life and proper hygiene.

In other words, you will need to do everything in your power to protect this investment.

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Why should you worry about maintenance?

It’s very important that you always have a flow of clean water in your living space and that you can properly dispose of the waste through the toilet which is why plumbing maintenance is essential. A lot of people neglect the status of one’s plumbing until some kind of a problem shows up.

But, why should you wait for an issue to rise up if it brings damage to your home and may even prove as a risk to you and your family? This kind of damage can also be very expensive when compared to preventive maintenance bills. Proper flow of the system will also help you conserve energy and water which means you won’t be paying as much on bills.

The repair process can be exceptionally expensive and obtaining parts for your old system can prove difficult. Not only will you be losing money on those replacement parts, but you may also lose money over time. Just one leak from a pipe under your sink can cost hundreds of dollars. For example, one or two drips per minute can result in a liter of water in just an hour or two. Now do the math. You would waste more than 150 liters of water every year if you do not do anything about the leak.

This is why we recommend to every homeowner out there to do a quick check-up of every pipe inside of the house to ensure that no leaks have sprung. You can do this inspection at least once in three or four months.

However, doing an inspection does not mean you should just give a quick glance to the plumbing. We recommend that you do a bit of repair to ensure that there won’t be any problems in the future.

Once you create this habit of maintaining your plumbing system regularly, you will never live through another issue related to this. You should do a regular check on every appliance in your home that has contact with water. It could be the boiler, the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink or toilet and so on.

Keep in mind that not every leak will be so obvious. Sometimes this problem can spring somewhere under your sink or in your basement which can be unnoticed for months and months which can cause serious damage. If your kitchen sink is from wood, it will probably rot in a short time if you do not notice the drips. Basements usually have a lot more humidity in the air than other parts of a house which is why mold loves to grow here.

It’s quite normal that you notice a bit of mold in the dark corners of your bathroom, but with the constant drip of water from your pipes in your basement can become a serious problem. It could even become dangerous for your family to live in this house if you do not deal with the problem on time. If you feel like you cannot fix the plumbing system by yourself, check for plumbing services in Dallas.

3 Maintenance Tips

So what can you do to prevent any future issues in your plumbing system? Well, the first thing you should focus on is to ensure that none of your drains are clogged.

1. Clogged drains

Wondering why? Well, a clogged drain is actually one of the most common types of problems related to plumbing, so it makes sense that you do regular checks on your drains to ensure that they are not clogged. A clog is not just about the water draining slowly, but it can also damage all your outgoing pipes. The pressure build-up can cause a burst while the waste can also cause them to corrode or decay. So, before the clog turns into a blockage, make sure you clean it up.

To prevent clogs from ever happening again make sure that you always turn the faucet on every time you try to use the disposal for food. When going in the shower make sure that you do not shed a lot of hair because it is usually the main reason why drains clog up.

In other words, try to have more daily awareness about what goes down your drain.

2. Check the plumbing system

This is more of a check-up that you should do at least once a week.

First, you need to do a search for any leaks under your kitchen sink. Do you see a puddle of water or a sign of increased moisture? Do you smell mold? If not, then your plumbing system is good. Then to the same analysis to the bathroom sink and the shower pipes.

Once you have made sure there aren’t any hidden leaks, check the valves of all of your faucets including the kitchen, bathroom sink and shower faucets to ensure that water isn’t coming out of it. This is done to ensure that you always have the highest water pressure possible.

3. Clean your boiler

One of the biggest reasons why water heaters break down is because of the corrosion that happens inside of it. This usually happens because of limestone buildup inside of the boiler after boiling thousands of liters of water.

So, to prevent any future corrosion make sure you clean it regularly.