Podcasting is an excellent marketing tool, be it for entrepreneurs, writers, activists, or artists! It is not news that podcasts are gaining immense popularity, with the podcast audience multiplying rapidly. Any smart person would harness the potential of a podcast and reach out to their potential target audience!

What sets podcasts apart from other marketing tools like emails is that it actually cuts through the blur of activity and commotion and reaches the audience. With creating authentic connections with the podcast audience being the primary motive, podcasts quickly convey your message and credibility.

Naturally, it is essential to find the right podcast booking agent so that you get a kickstart. This involves a lot of research, negotiation, and decision-making. So, here is a checklist of everything you should know so that you find the right podcast booking agency for yourself!

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Which Podcast Agency Should You Choose?

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For picking a podcast agency, you must answer questions like: “Why do I need it?”, “How often do I need it?”, “What are my requirements?” etc. Myriads of podcast agencies out there cater to different aspects of PR, making it even more confusing to find the right one to grow your podcast audience base.

You will be surprised to know that there are a total of seven categories, and they all are classified based on the services delivered by them. However, we will just look at one type in this article.

What Does A Podcast Booking Agency Do?

The primary objective of a podcast booking agency is to aid various brands in reserving guests for podcasts. Not only do they deliver these services, but they can also assist you with the preparation process and research.

By availing their services, you can find the presence of premium guests who are prepared to ace the podcast!

The list of their services includes finding guests who would be the right fit for your podcast subject, convincing them to join your podcast, following up with your guests once the podcast has been made, and building your podcast network!

What Should You Know Before Choosing Them?

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Thousands of podcast booking agencies like Norrinradd specialize in podcast guest booking. Narrowing down the choices can prove to be quite tedious. So, before you start your hunt, consider ticking off these things on your checklist!

1. What Do You Get from Them?

Ensure that you list down the list of your needs. Different agencies offer a different range of services. They can be as basic as a simple email introduction or an elaborate and grandeur introduction!

Often agents offer you different packages, ensure that you check out and compare your requisites with their services, negotiate and then come to a conclusion to avoid any kind of disappointment.

2. The Old School – Testimonials

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What better way to verify your agent’s credibility and authenticity than testimonials? Testimonials and reviews talk about the merits and demerits of choosing an agent. Since these reviews are from a personal standpoint, you can actually get insights into expectations vs. reality.

This makes choosing an agent easier since you already get a rough sketch of what your experience would be like if you chose to work with a particular agent.

3. What Niches Do They Focus on?

If a particular agency focuses on different niches, the chances are that their services might get diluted. If your agent focuses on a small range of verticals, you will likely find high-quality output. Since they have been working in a limited niche, they also might have an extensive network of guests who are the right fit for your podcast.

4. Their Team Size

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To explain this, let’s take an example. Imagine you know one person and that one person know two other people. In short, your network can expand only up to three. However, your network would be much larger if you knew four or five people in the first place.

Now apply this same concept to a podcast. If your agent’s company does a one-man job, sooner or later, you will run out of intriguing guests. However, if your agent’s firm had multiple members on its team, you would never run out of guests for your show.

5. Do They Get Paid by Your Guests?

Are you wondering why your guest would pay them in the first place? Quite often, people pay a podcast booking agency to feature on a podcast show because this would help them reach out to the audience base built by you.

While this is not unethical, it is always better to find an agent and agency whose primary motive is keeping your requisites above all. So ensure this question is out of the way before working with an agent.

6. How Experienced Are They?

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With experience comes wisdom. It also helps your agents gain perception since they have already tried various strategies to achieve the desired results. This means that the strategies and ideas they suggest are based on all the successes and failures they have encountered during their work tenure.

7. How Do They Choose The Guests?

There are millions of podcasts floating in the market. If your podcast is just ordinary, it may get lost in the flood of other podcasts. What sets it apart is the guest that your agent introduces to the audience.

So, what criteria do they follow while determining which guest to introduce to your show? Now, that is something you should not forget to discuss before finalizing and working with your agent. Is it a random procedure or algorithm-based? Ask all these questions because, in the end, your podcast has to gain the limelight by being compelling and unique!

Final Words

Let us end this article on a factual note! It is proven by extensive research that the conversion rate is about twenty-five percent more compared to blogs! With the right guest, your conversion rates can shoot off the chart, and you can find a rapid expansion of your podcast audience base! So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect podcast booking agent and get going by maximizing your return on investment!