Whether you are an aspiring audio professional or a person who wants to listen to a good sound system, it’s essential to decide which speakers you’ll get. Many audio devices are out there, making it extremely difficult to determine which speakers are the best for you.

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Recording artists and professionals may choose monitor speakers right away, but there are features that powered speakers have. These features can be very beneficial for people who listen casually and, in some cases, professionally.

This article will cover their differences and why we recommend powered speakers to listen to your music.

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What Makes Powered Speakers Different

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For newbies, these two types of speakers are the same. When they plug in their music players, they can enjoy the music. However, these two are different. When it comes to people who are sound conscious or sensitive to the quality, choosing between the two can be challenging.

The difference between the two is that studio monitors produce the sound as naturally as possible, without enhancements. This will allow us to hear the sound without any coloration. Most professionals would require this setup because they had to do the recording. This will avoid any influence edits on the music and sounds.

On the other hand, powered speakers are usually for personal use. The sound they produce sometimes depends on the design and materials they use.

However, these differences are visual; we can see the differences in the equipment with our eyes, making the selection more difficult.

Here are other differences you need to take note of.

Projection Differences

When deciding between the two speakers, you should think about where you’ll use them. If you’re planning to use the speakers in a small area, monitor speakers will suffice as they are built for such rooms.

For instance, if you have a small bedroom, use monitor speakers to listen to music. The sound it produces will be enough for you to hear. They are also perfect for your studio. So studio monitors are an advantage if you are starting your personal studio setup for podcasts, vlogging, or music recording.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to use the speakers in ample, open space, powered speakers can deliver better quality. Let’s say you want to go camping with your family or you want to play music on your patio. Powered speakers can produce sound well in an outside setup.

Sound Differences

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When it comes to sound profiles, these two devices have several differences.

If you are looking for a more detailed, in-depth sound, you’d probably go for powered speakers. However, for flat-response sounds, you’d choose studio monitors.

Many companies spend time researching and building the “perfect” speakers. It’s not surprising when a new and improved model is coming out regularly. These companies research how they can improve the sound experience of people.

For instance, they enrich the frequencies and give the device rich bass.

On the contrary, manufacturers of studio monitors don’t focus on improving the frequencies. Instead, they want to keep the sound’s real frequencies.

For listeners, this could be a massive drawback as you won’t be able to listen to a more flavorful sound. However, recording artists and professionals prefer this setup as they adjust each component manually during the mixing stage.


Powered speakers already have built-in amplifiers. This means you don’t need to purchase one to produce quality sounds. All you have to do is to plug your music player in and enjoy the music.

This isn’t the case when it comes to studio monitors. Since they are designed for accuracy in the studio, it doesn’t come with an amplifier inside.

So if you plan to use studio monitors to enjoy music, you’ll still need to buy an amplifier. You also need to set your studio up properly, such as redesigning the room, tweaking the frequencies manually, and enjoying. If you’re planning to use it for recording, an amplifier is optional but recommended, so when you listen to the playback, you’d know which area to adjust.

Powered Speakers For Your Daily Music

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When you want to listen to good music, you’d need the right speakers to enjoy it. Monitor speakers are good, but it is limited to giving you flat-response. You can enhance the sound manually by buying an amplifier and tweaking the settings.

However, for an easy setup and to enjoy the music, powered speakers are the right pair for you. You don’t need to adjust anything, as you can play your device directly. You’d also be able to play the music in small and wide rooms, making it perfect for almost all occasions.