If you want to survive in this world then you should know that there are good times and bad times. We bring to you 10 powerful recovery quotes from Emoovio that will contribute to your physical and mental health.

Just like good times, bad times are also going to pass and you are not going to have to face them all the time. If you are going through something traumatizing in your life then you have to heal from it but it is going to take you some time to do so. You cannot expect to wake up one day and feel alright.

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1. This too shall pass (like a kidney stone)

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Time is not constant and it never stops for anyone even if someone is having a good time or bad time. All that you need to do for your recovery process is to stay patient and know that you have to move on from this. When you keep waiting for the good time to come then eventually it will arrive and then you will be so proud of yourself for not giving up and moving on from this. Don’t be afraid to recover!

2. Ever accidentally throw something away, then later realized you need it? I almost did that with my life

Sometimes we are not grateful for the things that have been given to us by God. It is the worst thing that we can do because we should always be grateful for all the blessings that God has showered upon us. Do not ever take your life for granted because it is given to us only once and it is very precious. Life is worth living so you have to live another day.

3. I heard the internet is now an official mental disorder, and you can go to rehab for it. I am only going if there is Wi-Fi

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Many celebrities go into rehabilitation centers because they are addicted to social media. The treatment is very important for them to stay healthy and mentally stable. Sometimes this social media can be very toxic for celebrities when people are constantly judging them and thinking that they are not human enough. If you want to truly recover from the trauma then you will have to put a break on social media.

4. Recovery ain’t for sissies

The recovery phase is faced by a person who has gone through some trauma in their life. If the person has gone through something terrible then it means that they are absolutely strong and that is why they were able to deal with it alone. Just like that the recovery process is not easy as well and it is not something for the weak-hearted. Stay strong and be brave to face situations.

5. Progress is a man’s ability to complicate simplicity ― Thor Heyerdahl

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A lot of progress has been made over the centuries and mankind has reached the places which used to seem impossible before. However, there was a point when humans went wrong and they started to overcomplicate the simple things in life. Nowadays it is quite rare to find simple things in life that we can enjoy and we cannot blame it on someone else rather than on ourselves.

6. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your imaginary illness

All illnesses does not have to be physical and visible. Mental illness is real and it does happen with people. There are still some parts of the world where there is not enough awareness about mental illness and people do not take it seriously and it is a big issue. Acknowledging that an issue exists is the first step towards recovery.

7. When I hear somebody sigh, “life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “compared to what” ― Sydney Harris

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People out there are always telling each other how difficult it is to go through life. But what some people don’t understand is that what is the thing that you are comparing their life with? It doesn’t make any sense because every person is given only one precious life to live and they don’t have anything to compare it with. So just enjoy it and go with the flow.

8. Here’s hoping your recovery from surgery goes down as smoothly as the painkillers and comfort food will

When we are feeling stressed, we have different coping mechanisms. Every person has their way to relax and move on from the stress that they have been feeling lately. We cannot teach a person how to go through a difficult situation. Just like some people use pain killers and comfort food to get rid of the stress that they have been feeling.

9. Hope you are on the mend

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Once the recovery process starts there will be nothing to stop you from getting better with time. So if that process has not started for you yet then you should not worry about it. The process of recovery is slow and this is how it goes. What you are going through is normal and you should stay strong so that you can face the difficult times in life.

10. I know you miss coming to work. Get well soon now

Some people are workaholics and they cannot stop themselves but think about work and stress about it all the time. When you are not feeling mentally healthy then it is not the right time for you to go to work because you should rest at this time. By doing this you will be able to find yourself and get well soon.


The recovery process from trauma is not simple. When we are going to the hard situations of life it feels like we are never going to get out of them and it is a black hole that has sucked us inside them forever. However, this feeling of darkness is only temporary and it will go away once the recovery process starts.

It will take some time for you to reach that phase but it will come for you soon so be patient. If you are about to lose hope then you should know that trauma and recovery are only for strong-minded people and you are brave enough to face them.