A good attorney can do plenty. But, no matter how good they are, they simply can’t do it all. They can run a great office and have the best of assistants, a great work ethic, and a great track record, but they are not omnipotent. Some information will evade their eyes, ears, and mind. This is where even they need to seek help. In most cases, this help comes in the form of private investigators. It’s their job to find the missing pieces of information that will make any cases more winnable. PIs are great aides to any attorney. As we said, they provide a new set of eyes, they’re amazing at discovering evidence and just great at analyzing all the info presented to them and finding a new one.

Despite us saying all of this, you probably are still skeptical about private investigators. Are they all that helpful? To lawyers? Yes, we know, lawyers are people who excel in the domain of research, conducting interviews, making arguments, and dealing with all sorts of evidence. Why would they need additional help? Because everyone needs it at one point in time. If you’re still skeptical about the matter you’ll be less so after you read our five ways a private investigator will help you win your attorney case.

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A PI Discovers Leads And brings new Evidence to The Table

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As we said, an attorney has good eyes. But, the more time they spend on a single case, the more tired they’ll be. When there’s a need for refreshment, what’s better than a new pair of fresh eyes? A private investigator can not only see new things and more than an attorney they can point out something that a lawyer missed in the process of conducting the investigation. As someone who is not familiar with the case, a PI can take a different route in making a case, finding some evidence that was always there and discovering so much more. Trust us, even the best of attorneys need a fresh pair of eyes when spending hours going through witness statements, emails and texts, police reports, and different other pieces of evidence.

Approach Via Computer Forensics

We live in a digital age. Most evidence these days runs through our mobile devices, computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Every case has the use of going through a person’s electronics. While someone might be a good attorney, they might not be so well versed in dealing with computers. This is where a PI from haywoodhunt.ca can be of use to you. For an expert going through browsing history, emails, photos, documents, or financial records much evidence can be unveiled. Tying them to the case can be a problem solver in many situations. In the day and age, we’re living looking at computers and similar devices brought solutions to various cases of theft, infidelity, and cases of blackmail for example.

A search of Hidden Items

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When we say items we are thinking about everything that can cross our mind. Let’s talk about hard cases that have a lot of emotions between the parties such as divorces. Knowing what items and assets each party has during the entire process are vital for its conclusion. When it comes to assets, all parties involved probably know about them. Even lawyers can know about them. But, knowing is one thing. You always need evidence. A private investigator can do this. He can obtain proof that an asset belongs to one of the parties, and show where it’s hidden. All of this evidence regarding various assets can legally be obtained by a PI. This is vital to know for everyone practicing law, especially if you’re a beginner. A private eye can see a lot more than your average attorney. This is meant as no offense. It’s just how things stand. Offshore accounts, various types of undisclosed income, real estate, and everything else can’t escape a good PI. Most cases need to obtain this data, and no divorce is different. As you can see, a PI even makes sure that everything is done fair and squarely.

Social Media Approach

Social media is a central part of most of our lives. That’s just how things are. Some people manage to avoid it, but those are rare. Luckily for all private investigators, people love social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Most people post on these platforms carelessly and for fun. But, when used by a PI expert it can be a good source for determining someone’s background. While this might sound naive it’s not like that. Numerous dots can be connected on each social media platform, with arguments already existing in the case. When done right, even a single photo or video from either of the social media platforms can be a deal breaker or a winning argument on a trial.


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Surveillance is in the essence of a PIs work. It is used in many cases that reach the court every day. You’ve seen this in movies. When it comes to various frauds, cheating among partners, and similar cases, video proof can be what determines who’s right and who’s wrong. A video is a piece of strong evidence, and when presented in the right manner it can be what decides even the toughest of cases. This is what makes private investigators such a good partner to attorneys. Both are experts in their respective fields and complement each other fairly well. A lawyer will do their business in court, presenting evidence, and making a case. On the other hand, a PI will work in the shadows, tracking people, and social media platforms, developing film and video, taking photos, and using all available resources to get the evidence to form a good and strong case. This is one of the best examples of professionals from fairly different fields working side by side on the same matter. Now, after reading this piece, you no longer need to ask the question, why do attorneys and private investigators bode so well? They’re a match made in heaven.