Propose Day is the second day of the most important week of love, Valentine’s Week. The day is about commemoration of love. It is about letting your feelings and emotions reach out to the one you love. The first day is Rose Day is all about the inception of the journey of love. It is about indication of love. Propose Day is observed every year on the 8th day of February.

Love is such a wonderful feeling. But you know what’s more sweeter and beautiful than that?- “The idea of letting the other person know your true feelings and emotions.” Propose Day is about conveying our innermost feelings and emotions to our beloved. Even the singles observe this day to open up about their feelings to the ones they have a crush on.

There are three different phases of the valentine’s week celebration. The manner of celebration and gifting is different for different people. One is the proposal stage, wherein there is no mutual confirmation of the admiration. Second is the stage where there is an increased compatibility. There is a mutual confirmation of the admiration, though the confirmation for marriage remains undetermined. The third and the last category is the one where two people are tied together in a beautiful nuptial bond. They assure and promise to share each and every moment of their married life in a special way. For them it is all about celebrating romance in new and innovative ways even years after stepping into the blissful union.

There are many beautiful ways to express love. Someone who is not creative at all can also come up with ways to confess and convey his or her love for the one. When it comes to proposing, you can think of ways to make the special day more special for the two of you. Even if there is no mutual confirmation of admiration, you can think of simple yet sweet ways to let the other person know your feelings.

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1. Dinner Date


There can be nothing more special than a dinner date. You can use it as a perfect opportunity to propose to the one you love.

If you are going to express your love for the very first time, then you can think of taking the special one to a restaurant or even a cafe that he or she loves. Treat him to his favorite meal. And at the time of the dessert you can convince the server to place your handwritten note of love on the tray and serve. A sweet way to let your words do the talking, right?

If you are in a committed relationship with your partner, then you can think of ways to propose to her and together step into a lifetime commitment. You want the relationship to absolutely enter a new phase. You can take your lover to a dinner date with serenades. You can let the music do the talking for you.

Who says that married couples cannot propose to each other despite being together? If you are a husband who wants to propose to your wife, then you can take her to a place where an important event from your yesteryears took place. You can go down on your knees and hold her hand. You can let her know that the romance between the two of you is still alive. She will also get to know that you will love her the same way forever.

2. Customized Gifts


A customized mug is a good gift option for proposing for the first time. The recipient reading the text will indirectly come to know about how you feel for him or her. The mugs can contain texts like “I Like You”, “Together Forever”. You can also think of sending a handwritten note. It is said to create a positive impact on the recipient. Another way to propose is through greeting cards.

If you are in a committed relationship, then a message in a bottle is the sweetest gift.

3. Flash Mob


You must have seen it everywhere on social media. You might have even dreamt of it. It might be creepy for some, but for the rest it is just another sweet way to express feelings and emotions of love.

If you are in love and want to actually enter into the final phase of your relationship, that is marriage, then you may consider flash mob as your proposal option. Yes, you do need to take permission from the concerned authorities to perform the same. But don’t worry!! Your efforts will not go to waste.

If while reading this you might end up planning a similar proposal for the love of your life. You might also want to walk hand-in-hand till the end of the time. You can always choose a perfect track. Make your partner gleam with happiness, joy and childlike shyness with John Legend’s All of Me. The lyrics go like-

‘Cause all of me loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginnin’
Even when I lose, I’m winnin’

4. Date at a place where you met for the first time


This is a perfect gift for your partner with whom you already are in a relationship, or even if you are married. Going back to such a place will always bring back good memories and make you smile.

On this day, two different souls come together with a wish to come together in a relation of love, care, affection. Life feels complete when somebody we love accepts our proposal and agrees to embark on the dreamy journey of love, hand-in-hand. The sweet journey of love is what you agree to walk on, and this can be celebrated on the third day of the week, that is Chocolate Day. You can Click Here to get more proposal ideas through gifts that can indeed pull the happy strings of your beloved’s heart.