The trend of Quartz Waterfall Countertop has been increasing for the past few years. As more homeowners started exploring the advantages of Quartz, they have started incorporating it into their kitchen. But many of them are confused about Corian countertops vs quartz waterfall countertops. If your kitchen counter is subject to heavy use, Quartz is the best material to consider.

Quartz waterfall counters provide more durability than other options and also have minimal maintenance. They are specially engineered to make a statement. Thanks to their unique glamour and style. These countertops are perfect for modern kitchen owners looking for a standout piece. Nevertheless, this post will offer you some Quartz waterfall countertop ideas to inspire your next kitchen design.

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9 Trendy Quartz Waterfall Countertop Ideas

There are no guidelines on how to include a Quartz waterfall countertop in your home. Your primary goal should be to keep it artistic and simple. Here are some awesome waterfall countertop ideas for you.

1. White Quartz Water Countertop and a Blue Kitchen


Interior designers and homeowners across the globe love a white and blue kitchen. When you pair your blue kitchen with white waterfall countertops, it helps you create a standout modern kitchen. This is because blue-white kitchens offer an ideal balance of verve and elegance in the cooking region.

Blue cabinets offer more focus on the white quartz waterfall counter and will boost your mood every time you enter. White quartz waterfall countertops are much better than Corian countertops. They will help you create an illusion of a spacious area. This helps you accomplish a minimalistic appearance in your small kitchen. In addition, the brass accents and wood kitchen accessories help you warm up the cool-toned area. Do not forget to check the difference between Quartz vs Corian.

2. Flat-front Cabinets and a Quartz Waterfall Countertop


A quartz waterfall countertop that flows on either side of the kitchen island and flat-front cabinetry looks cool together. They can help you create an amazing dramatic effect. Flat-front cabinets are a cabinetry style consisting of slab doors with a super fine finish.

They not just look stunning but are affordable and have low maintenance too. When it comes to Corian vs Quartz, the Quartz countertop introduces function and taste into your kitchen. You can even add on a backsplash and oven hood to keep your kitchen looking sterile.

3. Monochromatic Colours and Light Grey Quartz Waterfall Countertop


Choosing a monochromatic color scheme in your kitchen can help you make your space look modern. It creates a realistic backdrop with the same shades.

Combining it with a light grey waterfall quartz counter makes your kitchen look more functional and gorgeous. You can even opt for leopard print stools to add some whimsical patterns to the space.

4. Grey Cabinets with White and Grey Waterfall Edge Countertop


Take your kitchen aesthetic to the next level by pairing grey cabinetry with a grey-whitish waterfall edge counter. White and grey waterfall countertops focus on modern aesthetics and make the entire area less bulky.

On the other hand, Grey kitchen cabinets make your kitchen décor stand out more perfectly. So, they won’t only look nice but also won’t show dirt like white.

5. Wood Cabinets and White Waterfall Quartz Countertop


If you want your kitchen to look unique, choose a White Quartz waterfall countertop to show off stone patterns. White waterfall kitchen counters are always showstoppers. They are a superb solution for you if you want your kitchen to look incredible. The vertical view of the countertop highlights the beauty of veining in the Quartz.

Moreover, the waterfall design is versatile. So, you can use it with nearly every kitchen design. Pairing these unique counters with wood cabinets make your area look more appealing. Wood usually helps you create an exciting mixture of traditional and modern elements.

6. Quartz Edges for a High-end Look


When it comes to Corian vs Quartz, Quartz can be cut into any shape and with any style edge. So, you can make your kitchen island circular or oval as per your preference. In addition, you can choose rounded edges or bullnose edges to give your kitchen an impressive visual appearance and make it appear luxurious. Sleek and clean lines complement both conventional and modern kitchen styles.

7. Consider Same Quartz for Multiple Counters


If you have a large kitchen, you can even use the same Quartz for the countertops and other furniture pieces. Ask your Quartz installer if they can create a dining room tabletop of the same material.

Maybe they can provide you with some discount on the leftover material. Another good idea is to use Quartz as a top for a bar cart or rolling kitchen island.

8. Go Muted with Textured Counters


Today, modern countertop designers are creating Quartz textured countertops to offer homeowners a lot of creative options. Counters with a leather texture are made by brushing the finish on the honed counter. Installing them in your kitchen will offer your countertops a more industrial feeling.

You can even try honed countertops. They have a soft matte finish and soft sheen. Both leathered and matter countertops are a great option for you if you are looking for something muted.

9. Marble-Looking Waterfall Quartz Countertops


Homeowners who want a top-quality stone look without the added care can choose marble-looking Quartz counters.

You don’t have to worry about re-sealing the marbleized style you choose – grey and white, black and white, or another – after it’s installed.

Wrapping Up:

Compared to the traditional countertops with flat slabs on the top of a kitchen island or base cabinets, waterfall counters flow over the floor sides to give a seamless look. They serve as a dramatic focal point in the room. These counters can be made of Quartz, marble, or other luxurious material.

For more details about Corian vs quartz countertops, click here. A waterfall countertop made using Quartz will help you boost your kitchen in plenty of ways. It can give your space a dynamic sweep without compromising its durability and functioning.

The versatile nature of these countertops makes it easy for you to mix and match your new waterfall Quartz countertops with a wide variety of design elements. Therefore, you can get creative as you want and watch out for how many amazing combinations you can make.