Your love for coffee would be one factor that contributes to your waking up early. At least you want to take time enjoying the mug of of it before you head to your office, right? However, at times you may sip your drink and realize it has a bad taste. But what could cause this bad taste?

Well, several factors may contribute to the bad taste. Such include brewing it using the wrong temperatures, using a plastic maker, leaving your drink for too long on the warming plate, roasting the coffee beans poorly, and poor cleaning of your maker.

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Dirty Coffee Maker Machine

How often do you clean your machine? I’m talking about cleaning every part thoroughly. Well, if you can’t remember when or it is several weeks ago, then you could have given an opportunity to bacteria to grow in your machine. In return, your coffee tastes bad.

How to fix: Always clean your machine after use. Better still is to clean it immediately after use. Then, do a thorough washing of the interiors once in a week.

Poor Roasting Of Coffee Beans

How you roast your coffee beans determines greatly the taste you will get after brewing it. If you are not an expert in roasting them, then, you should expect a bad taste if you do it poorly. Also, consider the type of beans you are roasting since they, too, could contribute to the bad taste.

How to Fix: Buy coffee beans roasted by experts. Alternatively, do research online on how to professionally roast it. The popular website Coffee Corner may help you a lot on that occasion.

Consider the material of the coffee maker

There are numerous complaints by people who use a maker made of plastic materials one being a bad taste. Some will even say they can smell plastic when brewing. Plastic will not only affect the taste of your coffee but also put your health at risk. Research shows that these makers have a chemical called phthalates and is dangerous to your health.

How to fix: The experts from Dona’s Kitchen are familiar with the matter urge to use stainless steel coffee maker, and it’s considered one of the best types available in the market.

The warming plate

Well, the warming plate has no effect on your coffee and cannot change the taste of it. However, it depends on how long you leave it there. I mean, if you let it sit on the machine’s warming plate for too long, then, you will have to cope with the bad taste in your coffee.

How to fix: Just make enough coffee so that you take it while fresh. If you have to leave on the warming plate, don’t leave it for too long.

Using Bad temperature

Using the wrong temperature when brewing coffee will come with a bad taste. Boiling it at a very high temperature will make it bitter so that it will become unbearable to take. That is why you should always boil it up to a temperature of 190° to 210°.

How to Fix: Use a thermometer to check the temperatures of your coffee. Alternatively, you could use a timer so as not to let it boil for too long.

Coffee ratio

You need to know the amount of coffee appropriate for a certain amount of water. However, this depends on the type of it you are using and the kind of taste you prefer. This is what I mean, if the quality you are using is good, then, using too much of it will only make it bitter. Also, too much water will also ruin the taste.

How to Fix: Use just enough ratios depending on the type and amount of coffee you are making.

The Final Word

You have full control of the taste of your coffee. You can, therefore, decide if to stop drinking it because of the bad taste or fix it accordingly to continue starting your days with a refreshing taste. There is no professionalism in dealing with these issues, you can do it. Why? You now know why it tastes bad. Learn more about the art of coffee brewing so you can make yourself a smooth, aromatic cup of coffee in this article by The Brew Therapy.