Several laboratories and agencies offer materials analysis and testing services. These facilities are required for various purposes like non-destructive testing, chemical analysis, crystal structure solution, scanning electron microscope, material consulting, particle analysis and much more.

These laboratories are generally run by expert scientists who provide you with these analysis and testing services. If you are looking for reliable materials analysis and testing facilities in the state of New Jersey, then click through to their website to avail faster and certified analysis and testing results.

In this article, you will get insights into the ways to find a reliable material and testing services laboratory.

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Search on the Internet


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and a laptop to surf the internet. If you are looking for reliable material analysis services, then what can be a better option than searching on the internet. You can simply open Google and search for reliable material analysis and testing facilities, and it will show you the list of laboratories that provide these facilities.

To know if the testing laboratory is reliable enough to deliver you the best and accurate results, you can go through their website and get an overview of the services they offer. Also, look for ratings and reviews. Many websites show ratings and reviews by genuine and satisfied customers. You can do a bit more research about the laboratory itself to be assured that the website is legit.

You can know everything about the company from their website. Every company provides brief information about them, their contact details, resources and equipment used.

Take recommendations from your friends

If you are looking for a material analysis and testing services laboratory, then you can also ask your friends if they can recommend a reliable laboratory to avail yourself of these facilities. Ensure that the laboratory uses the latest equipment and delivers 100% accurate results. Don’t forget to look up about the laboratory on the internet by yourself.

Also, ensure that the laboratory provides all the facilities you need. It will be quite easy for you if you have a lot of friends or connections with people. If your friend has good relations with the laboratory, you can ask for some additional discounts.

Take advantage of social media

If you are not getting good recommendations from your friends, then you can even take advantage of social media platforms to find reliable material analysis and testing services. Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media to connect with their family, friends, and relatives. Similarly, you can use social media platforms to look for these facilities.

Many laboratories that offer material analysis have their accounts or pages on different social media platforms. You can search these laboratory profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Contact them through DMs or contact details provided in the description.

Look around your city

You can also try to look for reliable material analysis and testing services in your city. If you live in a big city, you will find agencies who offer these facilities. Ensure that they have a good reputation and deliver guaranteed accurate results. If the laboratory is located in the same city as yours, it gives the assurance that the laboratory is legitimate and actually exists.

You can simply head on to their office and inquire about the facilities they offer, ensuring that they have experience in providing material analysis. Ensure that their testing methods are certified and offer faster facilities.

You can search on Google maps, and it will show you the nearest laboratories to avail these facilities. You can even get all information like contact details, address, working hours, and ratings and reviews from Google maps.

Read articles, blogs etc.


You can get some really good suggestions on the best material analysis services from articles and blogs. These articles often promote reliable and certified laboratories that deliver fast and legitimate reports. These articles and blogs also contain links to their website.

You can click on the link and visit their website for more information on the analysis and testing services provided by the agency. You can contact them and book an appointment with them to avail of their facilities. Also, ensure that they offer the exact services you are looking for and they provide services in the place you currently live in.

Common Material Analysis and Testing Services

There is a wide variety of materials analysis and testing services offered by laboratories based on the services mostly asked by their customers. Some of the common services include:

  • Chemical Analysis – It is mostly used by material and product manufacturers to provide essential third party technical analysis of data. It includes identification of contents, composition and quality of material used in a product.
  • Corrosion Testing – Corrosion testing is done to lower the cost of failure of the material. Through corrosion testing, you can assure that the assets are safe and ready to be deployed in the field.
  • Failure Analysis – Failure analysis is a very important part of material analysis because it is an important aspect of product development. It helps to learn from the past and avoids making mistakes in future.
  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT) – NDT itself contains a vast group of methods used to test and analyse the properties of a material, product, part or system without affecting the integrity of the unit.
  • Coating testing – Coating testing services help you to understand the performance of the coating products and systems when ready to be used. This is important to ensure that the asset is protected well to withstand any harsh climatic conditions.

The Bottom-line

Finding reliable material analysis and testing services can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s important to know about the material before using the product. Also, these services are currently very much important for every product and system.

These are the ways to find reliable material analysis and testing services that will help you to know your product and system better.