You have decided to change your place of residence and residence, but you are still not sure whether to buy or rent a property. The question is what is more financially attractive for you and is the myth that you “throw” money by renting real estate really just a myth or a reality?

You can often read that the purchase of real estate is most often related to the realization of the so-called. “American Dream” because in this way we gain a sense of happiness and personal satisfaction and believe that we have achieved one of life’s goals. Of course, with a good education, a good job, and an established family, real estate or ownership of real estate is considered a dream come true. But today’s time that confronts us with many unusual challenges opens up many dilemmas for those who are still unsure of which of the two options – buying or renting to choose.

When we think about buying real estate, then, first of all, we can say that the main advantage is that by buying real estate you have your roof over your head, something of your own, which you will be able to leave tomorrow, generations after you, as a legacy. In the event of a sudden change in your financial situation or the need to change your place of residence, you can rent or sell the same property because in this case you are the owner and have the right to decide what to do with the property in the end.


On the other hand, renting a property is an option that is often considered. Many claim and believe that this particular housing option has its advantages. One of the advantages they most often cite is that by not owning a property you have the opportunity to change your place and oasis of residence whenever you want, according to the signed lease agreement with your landlord, especially when you are thinking of starting or expanding a family. the children became independent.

What appears to be the perfect solution in cases where you want to buy a property, but you do not have enough money, and you do not want to take out a loan, is Rent-To-Own.

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What is it really about?

Rent-To-Own is a very simple way to achieve your dreams and become a proud owner of an apartment or house. The point is that you, as a tenant, have the opportunity to become the owner of the apartment you live in in a few simple steps. Of course, if the landlord wants to sell the apartment. Rent-To-Own is the principle of renting a property at a slightly higher price than usual. The landlord and the tenant sign a contract stating that, after a few years of living as a tenant, you have the right to buy the property, and you have already given a share in the purchase by paying a little more than usual. This principle of buying real estate is very popular all over the country, including Indiana, for several reasons, and these are just some of them.

1. You have enough time to stabilize financially


In Indiana, you can find real estate at reasonable prices, although it is also a huge amount that you rarely have in cash. That is why Rent-To-Own is the right option for those who believe that in a few years when the time comes to pay off, they will be able to do so financially. In addition to the possibility of getting a job in the meantime (and the standard is constantly growing), you also have the opportunity to save by leaving some money aside. You can check out more about renting, and this is available at the moment.

2. You can lock in a purchase price

We have already mentioned that the standard is improving and that salaries are rising, but of course, this also means an increase in real estate prices. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is not a bad option to sign a sales contract at today’s price, without the possibility of being affected by a change in market price. Another useful thing that a buyer can state is to cancel a purchase in case the value of the property falls. Not bad, is it?

3. Flexibility


We all like to adapt the living space to ourselves and our needs, to make the apartment or house a home where we will feel comfortable and can hardly wait to return after a hard day at work. Well, this is a luxury you can’t afford if you are a tenant, but if you are a tenant who is one step away from owning this property, you can do whatever you want, even though you are not yet officially the owner. The contract must be signed.

4. You buy according to your taste

Buying a new property is a great success, but also an excessive expense that few people can keep up with. Just think of choosing tiles, floors, and other big things, and only then choosing furniture and pleasing your senses. Yes, it sounds like a nice, but also a very expensive and time-consuming job. On the other hand, if you opt for Rent-To-Own, you will also have the option to choose what you like. Expand your horizons, sometimes what you never thought of is a much better idea than what you had in your head. Take a look at the possibilities and give them a chance!

Final thoughts

When choosing a property, whether it is rent-to-own, lease, or purchase, it is important to pay attention to a few things. Many make a mistake right from the start because they are focused on the facility itself, rather than paying attention to the neighborhood. Wrong approach. Before you become interested in a house or apartment, pay attention to the environment, whether they are close to the institution you will need every day (such as school if you have children). Inquire about neighbors and the neighborhood, whether the roads are looting or there are some other problems. If everything seems fine to you, the next step is to sign a contract with the landlord. In order not to take risks, we advise you to hire a lawyer who will do all the work for you, protecting your interests. And now relax and indulge in the quest of your dream home!