Every restaurant kitchen has a built-in exhaust system. It is an essential piece of equipment since it ensures the safety of employees and prevents fire hazards. Basically, it removes all the smoke and fumes from the kitchen, and therefore, keeps the air fresh.

However, just like any other tool or a surface you have in your kitchen, hoods also need to be cleaned regularly. Naturally, the frequency of this mainly depends on the type of food your restaurant serves. Accumulated grease is the main culprit that can lead to malfunctions in this system, which is something you must avoid. In the following text, we will discuss some telltale signs that it is time to outsource these services.

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What are the general rules?

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We have already mentioned that there are multiple things that affect the frequency of cleaning, so we will discuss this topic further. The generally accepted rule is that hood cleaning must be done every three months. This is an average time period. However, if your restaurant uses coal-burning stoves, this task must be performed each month.

Moreover, the food that is prepared can also play a significant role. For example, fast-food restaurants that are open 24/7 must have their hoods cleaned once a month. On the other hand, regular cafeterias and restaurants have to do this every three months, while pizza bars are required to do it every six months. Finally, hoods that are placed above dishwashers and other non-grease appliances can be cleaned once a year.

Has it been a while?

The most important thing that you have to understand is that your exhaust system must be maintained regularly. This is why you have to create a cleaning schedule and follow it blindly. Consider the previously-mentioned factors and determine how often this task should be completed.

If you skip any of these regular appointments, things are likely to go from bad to worse. As you know, grease accumulates over time in the hoods, and it can create a buildup. The thing is that even professionals will have a hard time removing this buildup. That’s right. They may not be able to do it even though they use the best tools and chemicals. Basically, you will ruin the entire system over time, and eventually, you will be forced to invest in a new one, which can be quite costly.

Frequent malfunctions

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Surely, you agree with us that any kind of hood malfunctions should not be ignored. Don’t forget that it is a tool that ensures the safety of not only the entire property but also the staff. If you notice any kind of problems with the system, you should resolve them as soon as possible. Maybe the system doesn’t remove the smoke, and therefore, there isn’t enough fresh air in the kitchen.

Obviously, there may be many sources of this, but you can probably guess which one is the most frequent. That’s right. We are talking about accumulated grease, which means that it is cleaning time. Remember that this is likely to happen if you don’t follow the cleaning schedule we have already introduced you to. Basically, it can slow down your business and increase the expenses, which is the last thing any restaurant owner needs.

Health inspection

The last thing you want and actually need is to fail the health inspection, right? This person has the power to shut down your restaurant for a while, and we are not even going to discuss the negative publicity it will have on your reputation. Not a single person wants to eat in a restaurant that doesn’t meet all the health and safety requirements.

Usually, these inspections are scheduled, so you know when they are coming up. Once again, this is when the planned cleaning comes in handy. Naturally, you should outsource this service before the inspector’s visit. Make sure to employ professionals to complete this task, because the chances are you cannot do it on your own. Plus, they will complete the task thoroughly and quickly. Our advice is to visit hoodcleaningservicesatlanta.com to learn what kind of services they can provide you with, and hire experts from your area.

What’s more, inspectors may surprise you from time to time and visit your restaurant without informing you about it. Just because it isn’t a scheduled appointment, it doesn’t mean that you don’t run all the risks if your kitchen isn’t in a perfect state. This is another reason why you should follow the timetable.

You cannot keep everything clean

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This may seem like an odd sign, but let us elaborate on it. You clean each surface in the kitchen and most pieces of equipment at the end of the day, right? Nevertheless, one of the most important features of the exhaust system is to regulate the flow of the air, meaning to remove the fumes and ensure fresh air inside the area. Well, when the grease accumulates inside the hood and the entire system, it affects the flow of the air, which means that the entire system isn’t as effective as it should be. Furthermore, this often leads to malfunctions.

Still, this also means that you probably won’t be able to keep your kitchen pristine. Surely, you can clean the surface of the hood, and you should definitely do it, but you won’t be able to reach all the parts of it. It means that grease and dust will spread around the kitchen through the air, they will keep falling on surfaces, so it won’t matter how often you clean them because they will never be pristine.

Wrapping up

To sum up, in this article, we have discussed four telltale signs that demonstrate you have to hire a professional hood cleaning crew as soon as possible. As you can assume, there are numerous others, but you should never ignore these four.

According to https://familydestinationsguide.com, regular maintenance is crucial if you want to prolong the life expectancy of every kitchen appliance as well as the exhaust system itself. Lastly, don’t forget that its role isn’t only to improve the productivity of your staff, but also to ensure their safety and eliminate the possibility of fire hazards occurring.