Selling your home fast at a really good price is what nearly every homeowner dreams of. But is a fast sale achievable when you’re short of inspiration or haven’t the resources to spend a fortune on time-consuming projects such as converting the loft? In fact, there are many things you can do to speed up the sale of your home without taking up too much of your time or money. Your aim is to demonstrate to would-be buyers that your property is large, comfortable and has been looked after.

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1. Curb Appeal


It’s a well-known fact that first impressions can either encourage or deter prospective buyers. As soon as your home is seen from the pavement outside, they have an idea of how much you might have cared for the property over the years. And it’s surprising how incidental things can far outweigh the fact that your home has the right number of bedrooms.

Make an effort over the weeks leading up to placing your home on the market to tidy its exterior. Repair broken fence panels and prune out of control bushes. Once a week, weed the block paving in the driveway or enlist a local maintenance company to do the job for you.

Even giving your wheelie bin a good wash and making sure the lid fits can help create a good first impression. Make the entrance to your home welcoming by planting tubs of flowers and keeping your front door clean and polished.

2. Essential Repairs

Check that the structure and main utilities of your home are up to standard. Hopefully, you won’t have to retile the roof, but do make sure there aren’t any loose tiles or plants growing out of the chimney stack. If you have a guttering that overflows because of a blockage, get it cleared in case you’re unlucky and it rains during a viewing.

Even leaky bathroom taps and loose light switches can be cited as signs of more serious problems with your plumbing or electricity circuit and provide your possible buyers with excuses to seek a lower price. Always be safety conscious and don’t neglect having your boiler serviced simply because you’re hoping to leave in a hurry.

3. Welcoming Aromas


When conducting a viewing, opt for the tried and trusted methods of brewing a pot of fresh coffee or baking bread to evoke pleasant memories. The aromas create a relaxing, homely atmosphere and are sure to make your visitors think your house is a really comfortable place to be. Make sure the waste pipe of your kitchen sink is fragrant and add bowls of pot pourri near open windows. If you have a cat, invest in a covered litter tray that includes odour control litter. More people than ever dislike cigarette smoke, so if you’re a smoker, try to abstain before or during a viewing. Remember to clean smoke from the windows and hide the ashtrays before they arrive.

4. Declutter

Don’t even think about trying to sell your home until you’ve decluttered. A house full to bursting with dust-covered bric-a-brac, old magazines and appliances that stopped working long ago, makes your home look neglected and stops your buyers from seeing how spacious it might be. The process of decluttering can actually be therapeutic and make you feel relaxed. Take any unwanted clothing, ornaments and toys your grown-up children no longer want, to the nearest charity shop. If you can’t bear to part with it all, pack everything into boxes and rent a storage unit until after you’ve sold your home.

5. Redecorate


To maximize the space inside your decluttered home, it’s time to quickly redecorate. Forget about your preference for vivid lime green or purple walls and play it safe with a serene magnolia. Painting every room in the same shade creates a sense of harmony and an illusion of continuity to make your buyers think your home has a pleasing flow.

Replacing worn carpets, faded curtains and quilts with toning, attractive materials should help to give the rooms a fresh, new appeal. If you have a small box room, try to turn it into a guest room or study to show how versatile every part of your home can be.

6. Kitchen Makeover

One of the key selling points of a home is the kitchen. Buyers are looking for space, plenty of storage and a sophisticated image that they feel is practical yet luxurious. If your budget or time won’t stretch to a complete refurbishment, consider replacing the cupboard doors or worktops. Kitchen-diners are incredibly popular, so make sure you make the most of yours.

Replace an old, large table and bulky chairs with a stylish bistro set to make the available space appear even larger. Remove patched flooring and any cracked tiles. The right type of lighting can make a good impression, so invest in some spotlights to create a cozy glow in any dark corners. Decluttering is vitally important in this room as your buyers need to see the kitchen and not your collection of fridge magnets or food processors.

7. Find Out Your Home’s Value


To help you work out if you are following the right course of action to sell your home as fast as possible, you can easily get it valued with a no obligation free quote. According to We Buy Any Home, one of the best ways is to choose an online house valuation. It’s fast, easy and reliable. It could even save you spending time and money on all the worthwhile tips we’ve outlined above.

And instead of trying to guess what might please your buyers, you could be provided with a realistic, genuine offer to purchase your home in just twenty-four hours. In as little as seven days you can achieve a cash sale and be moving on to your brand-new life at a time that suits you.