We have talked about WoW so much before and it is kind of repetitious to constantly call this game one of the biggest and best MMORPGs. The truth is that it is and there is no way of denying that.

With the community so large and so invested in this game there is no way that a newcomer can have a bad time. Someone that is just deciding to get involved in WoW will not miss out on much. All the info, all the steps and guides you need to become good in this game are widely available. As we already mentioned toe community is large and generous and you can find anything you need and want.

Today we have prepared a small list of Shadowland raids that are considered to be the most fun. The thing we have taken into account is their difficulty, mostly because this is something a newbie will probably read and search for. Newer players tend to look for eases raids until they get their feet firmly on the grounds and until they level enough to do harder and more complex tasks and missions.

This game has a steep learning curve but with the right info and right help, there is nothing you can’t do. When we mentioned help, you should also consider WoW Boost and give yourself a boost during your first steps, it will help you out so much.

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1. Castle Nathria Raid

Source: wowhead.com

This one is probably the easiest raid you can do and it doesn’t require that much skill. Yes, you need to know a few things before you go there but you will have a lot of fun. The ease of this raid is thanks to one thing that most people already know about – you must kill Sludgefist four times successfully and if you manage to harvest its head each time you can use it to skip this raid entirely without having to fight with other bosses. It does seem easy but you have to take into consideration that you have to fight and defeat Sludgefist and each time you do take its head. That might be a bit difficult but do not despair – with a few helping hands this will be a piece of cake. If you want to do this raid then you can find Castle Nathria in Ravendreth and it is the biggest castle there. You will encounter 10 bosses in total and the final boss called Sire Denathrius. It is a vampire-themed raid which also adds to its fun.

2. Mists of Tirna Scithe Raid

Source: wowhead.com

This raid is also very easy with a big chance of huge rewards. It is not as long and “hard” as the first one and here you will only meet three bosses which are not that difficult to kill. The only downside to this raid is that you might find it a bit tedious since the fights can see a bit “been there, done that”. Due to this fact, it is considered to be one of the easiest raids in all Shadowlands but the one that can reward you quite a bit. Since this particular region of Shadowlands is somewhat special you can easily get out of here with ferocious beasts that can be easily tamed and also there are additional mounts you can end up with. Rare and necessary items dropped by bosses are also good and they will make your progression throughout the game a lot easier. With all of this said we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t head to this raid immediately after reading this.

3. Halls of Atonement Raid

Source: wowhead.com

This dungeon is probably one of the easiest in Shadowlands and you probably have heard about it before given the fact that it was previously known as Ravendreth Cathedral. As its name states it is located in Ravendreth and its final boss and owner is Lord Chamberlain. Winning this raid is easy and there is a straightforward approach you take here – wander around the dungeon, kill all kins and guards sent by the boss until you eventually don’t meet him. The Lord is not that difficult to take down and you will have a lot of fun in the process. What is interesting though is the fact that the boss will drop something called Fragments of the Sinstone which will be a very valuable loot for this raid and for later on as well. One thing we need you to know before you head on to this raid, and is the fact that you first need to finish the mission called the Abuse of Power to be able to go on this raid. The mission itself is not that difficult as well and it will be a bonus before the raid.

4. Sanctum of Domination Raid


Another very easy raid in Shadowlands and a lot of fun one, for that matter. Sometimes the number of bosses doesn’t mean you will have a tough time raiding, and this also goes for this raid. Here you will encounter 10 bosses in total and they won’t be that hard to beat. Well, the fact is that nine of the smaller bosses aren’t that difficult but the final boss The Jailer will need you to work as a group to beat him. Again, not that difficult but a good plaid group can easily take him down in a matter of minutes. What is also interesting is that these easy raids also give a rather good loot. This is the case here and the loot drops will be very good especially for those of you that are just starting.

As you progress through the game you will see that these are the easiest raids out there. There are more difficult ones that await you after this with a lot more skill required to take them on. Those tougher will be more rewarding as well, but for now, these four we listed are probably the most fun ones you as a beginner will have on.

If you by some chance run into any problems numerous places will give you hints and advice on how to approach these and similar raids for maximum success. Do not also forget about those boosts we mentioned in the beginning because they can also help you get out of a tough spot.