Most people think that it’s only big brands, corporate organizations, and business houses that need business promotion ideas. Others could make good use of effective brand promotion strategy. Non-profit associations majorly have to work out the most significant online marketing and branding challenge of all times almost 365 days a year, i.e., the lack of adequate funds. And to function correctly and support the causes non-profit organizations require funds. Hence, counting on brand promotion tactics is essential.

But planning brand promotion strategies for a non-profit organization isn’t easy. The policy needs to address the requirements without appearing sales-y. The success of these strategies will help to draw donations and contributions.

Some non-profits make use of lanyards with pen drives for promotions and give it to volunteers. Being mostly used as a neck accessory, a lanyard steals other gaze and is a smart token to own from a company for which you worked. People can use the pen drive in their everyday life as well. Some of the brand promotion ideas that can be of good use are:

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Sharing their past goals, fact sheet, and achievements

Non-profits often get a bad reputation for mismanaging money and funds. There have been situations where non-profit organizations have duped people of their money as well. Hence, people are slightly wary of contributing to non-profits. One of the best brand promotion tactics is to share the previous goals, achievements, and the fact sheet with people. These organizations can share this information on their website, social media websites, and email the list of contributors. Furthermore, non-profits should provide these details to a new contributor as well. That way, people can know about the non-profit organization initiatives and form a specific reputation about them.

Use cost-effective brand merchandise

Non-profits need to invest in merchandise to promote their brand. Here it is necessary to spend judiciously. Giving a token or a memento to contributors is a kind gesture. Usually, most non-profits opt-in for stationaries like badges, pens, writing pad, and the like. If you want to make a difference so that people perceive you as unique, opt-in for a bandana.

Today, there are service providers helping corporates and business houses to customize branded bandanas. They can do the same for a non-profit organization as well. Do you own a non-profit organization? If yes, then you can customize bandanas, depending on the social projects that you take on. You can customize the colors and the theme accordingly. Make sure that you add your brand logo to the bandana. To know more about this, you can visit

Smart brand promotion tactics for non-profits

The majority of eCommerce brands use PPC ads. When it comes to non-profits, they mostly move away from PPC because they have to pay for it. Most marketers and non-profit organizations don’t know about Google’s Ad Grants program. It comprises of free money that non-profits get to place their advertisements on Google. The search engine giant Google contributes approximately 1 billion dollars to assist the non-profits for brand promotion. They need it to promote the social projects they are currently working on. However, there are a few restrictions concerning the budget and bids in the Google Ad Grant program. The advertisers can spend a specific amount monthly.

How can your non-profit qualify to receive the Google Ad Grant? For this, your brand needs to register for a Google non-profit account and create a customer id. You need to go through the application process and get the brand promotion and advertising for free as per the authority’s decision.

It would be best if you had communicated with your customers as a non-profit

The sponsored posts and social media paid advertisements can become pricey when there are zero strategies. When you implement a brand promotion strategy, make sure that you are connecting with your customers. You need to make them your priority and share the required and valid information. You can start interesting conversations in your social media business profile. Allow people to share their views and observations. Answer them and encourage them to have their say. This entire conversation serves as a brand promotion activity.

The social media platforms allow non-profit brands to draw in several followers. That aside, there are many journalists, social influencers, and activities who also follow non-profits. It is essential to keep a cordial connection with all. For example, a journalist might comment on a post and get an idea to plan a news story on your next social project. The media coverage would come for free as the journalist will have ample matter to write about as a story. This coverage will also act as a brand promotion tactic and give your non-profit initiatives the necessary boost. You can also make use of hashtags to trend on social media so that more followers visit your Twitter or Facebook profile and then visit the website. Hence, it also acts as a way to gather more organic traffic.

You can get connected with social influencers and promote your non-profit. It will help you to get connected to a new audience pool. There might be people here who wish to contribute to a social cause, which will act in your favor.

Follow a few salient guidelines

Since your non-profit needs to make optimum use of cash and resources, you need to follow a few branding guidelines. It will help you make the best use of your efforts, time, and contacts. The crucial instructions are:

  • If you have to address the controversy, go ahead and address it. However, you need to know whether there’s an audience for that or not.
  • Join hands with brands, business houses, freelancers, and social influencers who share the same mission.
  • Always make sure to highlight your brand logo and add the required colors in every marketing collaterals and merchandise. It will be of good use in social media campaigns.
  • Make sure that your marketing material is specific and not generic. You need to add particular details about your project so that it gets a voice and sounds plausible to others.
  • Go ahead and connect with various grassroots movements and introduce your brand.
  • Make good use of the marketing and branding funds. Be sure of the potential success of a strategy and invest.

These are some of the best brand promotion strategies that most non-profits can make use of. It will help them to enhance their brand recall value, develop trust, and draw in the funds and support they need to commence a project. If you want to know how to successfully start a nonprofit you can maybe start here.