When there is limited space for storage in a small accommodation, only some tend to store their sweaters in the oven. Almost nineteen million people in New York City call the city their home, and most of them live in apartments, wherein finding good storage for keeping all their items poses a challenge.

New York is considered an expensive place to live in, and they never provide enough space to store the tenants’ real stuff. Steering through various storage options for household items is a dismaying task, so many people opt for  NYC storage solutions. With a population of over eight million as per the US census in the year 2020, New York City is one of the most populated cities in the United States.

As New York City is expanding, it provides better amenities and infrastructures, due to which many people come every year to reside here, which has resulted in residents jamming themselves into tight small apartments to live. The main issue in these small spaces is the storage facility. But if used with careful thinking, these limited spaces will never limit the tenant’s demands for storage solutions.

On average, New Yorkers pay a median rent of $3,400 a month for their tiny apartments, which has helped them maximize the storage space available in the apartment with creative ideas.

A few storage strategies for limited spaces are:

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1. Declutter Things

Source: primestoragegroup.com

It is better to clear out things that have not been used for years, like winter clothing, exercise equipment, etc. Also, old things must go out if any new item comes into the apartment, be it new appliances, furniture, or others.

Getting rid of a few possessions makes it possible to increase the space in the NYC apartment. Never hang on to things thinking they may come in use somewhere in the future. Otherwise, the accommodation will end up cluttered. With few things in the apartment, it will start to look more prominent, eco-friendly and save a lot of money in the long run.

2. Wall Storage & Shelf Dividers

Fitting an open shelf on the walls for storing things will make the apartment feel more prominent and relaxed. It is the most practical method that helps keep things organized way, and that is affordable.

The rooms can be easily divided using shelf dividers, which helps segregate the spaces, especially if the apartment is a small studio. An open-shelving unit provides extra storage space, and there is no need to construct a wall that gives an exclusive look.

Anyone can fix the walls with a peg board, or a perforated solid board with predrilled holes. With the help of hooks and pegs, things can easily be arranged on the board. If steel or wood gets used for making peg boards, it can easily hold slighter heavy items.

3. Storage On Doors

The inside of all the doors, be it a cabinet door or the interior door of the apartment, can be effectively used as a storage space. File boxes can be mounted inside the kitchen cupboards, and items like plastic wrap and tin foil are easily stored there. Baskets of different sizes can be attached to the back of a cupboard door, which helps to keep things vertically.

4. Storage Under Stairs

Source: sharps.co.uk

Under the staircase, there exists space, and many never give a thought to making use of it. This space gets ignored mainly because of its low height, and no standard furniture can fit in.

The compact space beneath the stairs can get converted to store items if used effectively. The steps can be turned into drawers, and items like toys, clothing, and other things can be stored.

Fit the space under the stairs with customized cabinets and pull-out drawers. It can be fitted with hooks and hangers to hang jackets, boots, and many other things.

5. Floor Space

It is always essential to use the floor space available. Otherwise, the accommodation will look smaller. Make use of the vertical space more. Instead of having floor lamps, make use of wall lights. Switching to wall shelves from regular shelves saves a lot of floor space, depending on personal preference.

6. Measure Before Moving Into Apartment

Before moving into an NYC apartment, ask for the floor plans and measurements of the walls, as this could be a lifesaver to having better storage solutions. Do visit the apartment personally and compare the measurements practically.

Compare the spaces in the accommodation with the items owned, be it a TV, music system, refrigerator, or other things that are being planned to move in. Taking the measurements will help in utilizing the small space effectively.

Never rely on rough estimates about the items of furniture that are planning to be moved into the apartment. Make sure to take measurements beforehand. Otherwise, space will only be available for some furniture items.

7. External Storage Facility

Source: hamiltonstorage.com.au

Even though there are many advantages to living in NYC, only some are comfortable with the tiny apartments that pose a challenge for storing all the household items. Renting an external storage facility helps in overcoming these difficulties.

Decorations used once a year, extra clothes, old furniture, and other items can easily get stored in the storage facility, which will help declutter the apartment.

8. Trick Eye By Using Light

A different way is to trick the eye into thinking the space is more significant than it already is. Placing mirrors in the right places will improve the apartment’s look as the light will bounce around the home, turning the room into a larger, brighter space.

When planning to paint the walls in the rooms, select lighter colors as they will reflect more light around the apartment. The light is an essential benefit that will trick the eye and expand the space in NYC apartments.


Since many in NYC live in tiny apartments, finding a good storage solution will help maximize the space inside the apartment. The floor, walls, and every nook and corner will help provide good storage options if effectively utilized. In an apartment with small spaces, every inch matters, and the utilization of smart ideas help in maximizing the storage space available.