With today’s modern styles and lavish looking wardrobes, the prices are becoming more and more expensive. Many of us want to live the life of famous and rich people. We try to mimic their wardrobe and lifestyle. This can definitely run our accounts dry very quickly.

But there are many stylish and lavish pieces of clothing that we can all afford to own and enjoy. You don’t need to break the bank when buying these modern and stylish articles of clothing. At the same time, you can feel good while wearing them and avoid the guilt of over-paying.


The latest wardrobe that Holly Willoughby wore during her appearance cost almost $2200! That might make sense to some and will break the bank for many others. But have you ever thought of the type of clothing celebrities wear underneath?  That’s right! I’m talking about stylish and high-end underwear and panties that celebrities wear.

You might think all famous people and celebrities put on fancy Silk underwear and expensive lace panties. But you’re wrong! When it comes to the types of underwear they prefer, it always comes down to comfort before style.


Bamboo underwear and panties have taken the style and fashion industry by storm. They are the most comfortable and affordable alternatives to expensive silk and cashmere.

Bamboo-Comfort features the best bamboo panties along with reviews and comparison charts. They show you simple ways to live in style and comfort without breaking the bank.

Bamboo Panties Compared to Cotton

Underwear made with bamboo fabrics has many benefits that silk and cotton can’t match.


  • Bamboo panties are more breathable compared to cotton. This is especially important for celebrities to keep them comfortable during long interviews.
  • Underwear made with bamboo fabrics are more durable. Many companies cover their bamboo products with lifetime warranties.
  • Another benefit of bamboo fabrics is their odor resistance. They naturally fight odor-causing germs and bacteria to keep you fresh all day while you wear them.

Those are some of the features to expect with bamboo fabric underwear that you will not find the same with cotton underwear.

Bamboo Panties Compared to Silk and Lace


When comparing to lace and silk, the main difference is price and value. Of course, compared to silk underwear, bamboo panties are very affordable. You can pick up a pair for almost a quarter of the price of silk panties.

Don’t forget their amazing durability too! I’m sure celebrities don’t worry much about how many times they can wear them before needing to be replaced. But you can expect bamboo underwear to last a lot longer than delicate silk and lace panties.

So if you’re itching to get into stylish clothing without breaking the bank, make your first step a small one. You get all the comfort and benefits many celebrities and famous people have been hiding all these years underneath their expensive wardrobes. Once you try them, you’ll wish you found out about them earlier.