This year’s brides-to-be that decided to say “yes” on a lovely, summer day probably don’t even know how lucky they are. 2024 is definitely a year that’s bringing some super stylish summer wedding dresses that were absolutely never as cool as they’re now!

But at the same time, we wouldn’t want to be in their place either, since the choice seems to be rather difficult and it’s simply impossible to decide on just one dream dress. From bold prints to romantic sleeves and after-party garments, the fashion scene’s bursting with a large, spectacular selection of numerous amazing wedding gown trends.

Regardless of the uniqueness of your style or the dress shape you want, or of the kind of vibe you have in mind for your special day –  there’ll definitely be something for you, no matter how picky you might seem.

Below you will be able to read about the most interesting ideas, perfect for a romantic beach wedding or the first dance on a beautiful balcony, in the open sky, surrounded by your favorite people.

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Okay, so it’s easy to guess what many of you are thinking now. “Nope, definitely not a thing I would wear on my wedding day. And where the hell is a gown?” But, before you do, think twice, as this might truly be a magnificent and refreshing change, different from classic and not so original options.

These elegant alternative pieces of clothes support comfort above all and you can certainly leave anxiety and worrying about the comfort behind. The earliest trends from 2024 are predicting a splendid success of gentle lace details and a strong focus on sumptuous floral details and metallic glitter.

In case you’d like it to look more feminine, it’s possible to add a lovely DIY white, puffy bows and make it look simply perfect. If you’re choosing a sleeveless one, make sure you opt for the appropriate underwear that can’t be seen through the jumpsuit, especially a nice bandeau bra in a neutral color, like the ones has. And of course, the same type of underpants – you don’t want anything to be out of its place anyway!

Short wedding dresses

Short gowns are becoming rather popular in wedding clothes circles. It’s ideal to choose one in case you want your style to be super relaxed or, as you’ll be a summer bride, in case it’s a hot, hot day. Or if you simply want to brag a little bit about your damn good-looking and toned legs.

No matter which case it is –  this trend might be the exact match for you. The combinations can vary, but the only thing that matters is to opt for one that depicts your personality in the right way.  Our warm suggestion would be an imperishable satin, or endlessly romantic mini lace gown in different variations – tight and figure-flattering, or loose and chic.

Another specific detail you possibly want to use is feathers. Ostrich feathers have found their place in many summer fashion selections this year – it’s theatrical and chic, but can also be ladylike and delicate.

Bridal shorts

Just have a look at these adorable garments. You might not be so keen on the idea to wear it in church, but hey, it could be a really cool outfit for the reception or the after-party, in case you’re having one. Of course, if you don’t want to put on just simple shorts and to end the story with this, you can use the unusual blend of white satin one with a sophisticated, transparent long skirt with high slits covering it.

Doesn’t it look like a true refreshment in this field? What we do know for sure is that it’s definitely a  great choice for daring, youngish brides who prefer an eccentric look and ones who don’t consider themselves to fit into a style that includes a classic white dress and want something bold and new.

80’s sleeves

Well, the advantage of this trend is that you can certainly choose from a variety of styles within this “range”. Whether you’re a ruffle sleeves lover, or you like to show your shoulders and let those airy, soft pieces of fabric hang down your arms, it will look stunning along with a decent and simple piece of jewelry. You can even find some pieces that you’ll be able to detach from your gown and turn it into a sleeveless one in case you want so or if you’re planning another outfit for your reception. Gentle, feminine, so airy and kind of traditional.

Boho style

Why do girls like boho? ‘Cause it makes them look like hippie princesses or like dreamy forest fairies. and it’s usually perfect for celebration in nature and under clear skies. And this isn’t the case only with this year – this style has been on the very throne for a long time when it comes to wedding dress models.

They look like they came out of some black and white movie from the ‘60s or ‘70s of the last century, almost unreal and enormously comfortable and romantic. The appearance of such a dress should reflect the free and cheerful spirit of the girl who wears it and be accompanied by a nonchalant hairstyle and natural, unobtrusive makeup to achieve a full and striking effect. Veil, floral hair ornaments, a bunch of white butterflies in it, a biedermeier with twigs or a variety of vivid flowers… the decision is only yours.

While on the topic of black, let us take our attention to the wedding guests among you. If you are attending a wedding soon and need a beautiful new outfit, a classic black dress is always a good choice.

The classic black dress is a versatile fashion staple that never goes out of style. Its elegant simplicity and ability to flatter any body type make it a must-have wardrobe essential for any fashion-conscious individual. It is timeless and always a good choice so why not buy one for that important event that is coming up?

Final Words

Events such as weddings require solemn and glamorous styling that won’t throw a shadow to important details – they need to be in focus – all the time. Even if you know this, but you still haven’t been able to choose a dress that suits your taste, we hope that this tiny bunch of ideas helped you at least get a clue about the approximate type of the gown or garment you’d like to put on when the moment comes – it’ll make one more lovely memory of the most important day of your life.