Roseland Community Hospital in Chicago, IL, has recently been under fire for several surgical errors that have occurred over the past few months. The hospital, which is part of the larger Roseland Healthcare system, has been the subject of multiple investigations, legal proceedings, and media coverage due to the reported errors.

Recent medical malpractice lawsuits filed against Roseland Community Hospital in Chicago allege negligence, recklessness, and a lack of reasonable care in the treatment of patients. These lawsuits include allegations of misdiagnosis, failure to properly diagnose, and wrong-site surgeries, as well as improper administration of medications, incorrect or delayed treatments, and lack of informed consent.

Based on a study by Roseland Community Facility patients, the hospital receives one star out of five. Patients at Roseland Community Hospital said that their nurses “always” interacted well at a rate of 63%, which was significantly lower than the Illinois and national standards of 80% and 80%, respectively. In comparison to other hospitals, 67% of Roseland Community Hospital patients said that their doctors “Always” communicated effectively.

If you or someone you know has suffered health and safety losses due to errors made by the healthcare system, seek the counsel of a Chicago medical malpractice attorney like ontoplist for additional information. Let’s take a look at some additional offenses that have been uncovered at this facility.

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Failure To Monitor

Failure to monitor is a type of medical malpractice that occurs when a medical professional fails to keep adequate watch over a patient’s medical condition. Failure to monitor can include a failure to provide timely medical care, failure to check vital signs regularly, or failure to check for signs of infection or deterioration of a patient’s condition. This type of negligence can result in serious injury or death to a patient.

Doctors or nurses may fail to properly assess the patient’s condition before and after the procedure, or neglect to properly monitor the patient’s vital signs or other indicators of health. In addition, failure to monitor can lead to a delay in diagnosing complications or infections, or a lack of timely follow-up care.

Surgeries Gone Wrong


Negligence on the part of a healthcare provider can lead to surgery going wrong in many ways. First and foremost, negligence can lead to incorrect diagnosis or treatment, which can result in the wrong surgery being performed. This can be due to a lack of knowledge or experience, or improper use of medical equipment.

Medical negligence can lead to a lack of pre-operative preparation or incorrect surgical technique. In other cases, negligence can lead to infections or other complications due to the failure to properly sterilize equipment or failure to properly monitor the patient during or after the surgery.

Improper practices can result in a delay in diagnosis or treatment of complications, leading to a decrease in the chances of successful recovery. It can also lead to failure to properly follow up on the patient after the surgery, resulting in a lack of necessary care and attention to the patient’s recovery.

Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis occurs when a doctor makes an incorrect or delayed diagnosis of a health condition. This can have severe and even life-threatening consequences. Misdiagnosis can result in a patient receiving incorrect or inadequate treatment, leading to further health complications or even death. It can also cause emotional distress, additional medical bills, and lost wages due to time away from work.

Misdiagnosis can occur due to a doctor not ordering the correct tests, not accurately interpreting test results, or not considering the patient’s complete medical history. In some cases, misdiagnosis can be linked to a doctor not taking the time to assess the patient and their symptoms properly.

Complications With Pregnancy


Pre-eclampsia is a condition that can occur during the second half of pregnancy and is characterized by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and swelling. If not managed properly, pre-eclampsia can lead to serious health consequences for the mother and baby.

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy, and can result in the baby being born too large, or developing other health complications. Preexisting medical conditions, such as heart or kidney disease, can also put a woman at risk during her pregnancy. Lastly, infection during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery, low birth weight, or stillbirth.

Medical malpractice can be a factor in the complications that occur during pregnancy. Doctors may fail to diagnose or treat conditions such as pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes promptly. Healthcare providers may fail to recognize or treat an infection in the mother or baby, leading to serious health consequences.


Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are skin lesions that develop due to prolonged pressure against the skin. This pressure can cause blood vessels to become blocked, leading to decreased blood flow and eventual tissue death.

Bedsores are most common in individuals who are bedridden or have limited mobility and are most often found on the hips, elbows, heels, and other bony areas. Bedsores can become infected and lead to other illnesses, such as sepsis, gangrene, and cellulitis. People with diabetes, paralysis, poor nutrition, or poor circulation are at an increased risk of developing bedsores. The proper skin care, including frequent repositioning and proper nutrition, can prevent the development of bedsores.

Roseland Community Hospital has been plagued by concerns about the efficiency of its medical services and the competency of its administration for years, all while facing closure regularly. For years, executives at the nonprofit clinic have supported it, claiming that the safety net hospital is critical to the health of Chicago’s South Side inhabitants. Many different types of medical errors can occur at Roseland Community Hospital.


Some of these errors can cause serious physical injuries and other problems that can last for months or years afterward. If you or someone you know has experienced a medical error at Roseland Community Hospital, it may be worth consulting with a Chicago attorney.