Music charts change every week, with new songs coming and going but the best ones manage to hold on to their top spots regardless. Those that do manage to fight off the competition are the ones that will be the most memorable this year, and the list of great songs this 2019 is surprisingly lengthy.

Music is something that makes people going. From long trips to school to taking the subway for work, music is something that will help pass the time. The availability of music in today’s world is perhaps the most interesting aspect of it. Nowadays, you can listen to music on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, but you can also tune in to the good old radio.

Because of that, here are the top 9 most popular songs to listen to on the radio.

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1. Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me

The tragic love story of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber takes a fresh twist with “Lose You To Love Me” by Selena herself. We’ve all witnessed the breakup, and getting back together, and breaking up again, before getting back together, and now finally both Selena and Justin have moved on, or at least one of them… it’s confusing we know.

While Justin is loving life and happily married to Canadian model Hailey Rhode, Selena has shown us through her newest hit single that she has also moved on, and has started to appreciate herself more. Nothing is worth losing yourself for, and the “Lose You To Love Me” has certainly calmed Selena’s fans.

2. Wale – Sue Me

The popular artist has released his newest albums opener, “Sue Me” and starts with the following: “Sue me; I’m rooting for everybody that’s black.” Wale has stated himself that his newest album, and opener, is aimed to celebrate black culture.

There are a lot of black culture elements in “Sue Me” such as the background sample from the popular black Mississippi Mass Choir. But this song has certainly been here and there on the weekly musical charts, having been out for about a month.

3. Tinashe ft MS Banks – Die A Little Bit

With more than 1.5 million views on YouTube in just under a week, Tinashe and MS Banks have produced an absolute banger of a song that frequently features on local radio stations. DJ’s absolutely love the breathy, hushed whispers of Tinashe herself. As a matter of fact, this is her first single as an independent artist, and you should all take notice of it.

4. Jojo ft Chika – Sabotage

While not as growing as previous songs on our list, Sabotage from Jojo & Chilka is one that should be right up there. The carefully created instrumental blends in perfectly with the voice of the American singer and the music video adds even more quality to the song itself. Sabotage is one of Jojo’s album openers, which is out now.

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5. Princess Nokia – Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)

Welcome to a European beauty pageant where Princess Nokia has decided to enlist, at least that’s the music video for “Sugar Honey Iced Tea”. The upbeat single is also the cover for her album, also called Sugar Honey Iced Tea.

The director of the music video brilliantly portrays Princess Nokia and her attitude towards people who are talking s*it. She has fed up so much that a large part of the lyrics focuses specifically on it. But regardless, with more than 2 million views on YouTube, “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” is a regular on the radio stations.

6. The Highwomen – Highwomen

Probably the first and only country song on our list, the dream team of Brandi Carlisle, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hembry are the Highwomen and their newest song, also called “Highwomen” brilliantly portrays the various aspects of country music.

But probably the biggest reason as to why this song enjoys such success is all down to the brilliant synergy between all 4 artists and the strong call for women empowerment.

7. Brittany Howard – Stay High

“Stay High” from Brittany Howard has more than 7.5 million views on YouTube and is the fastest growing song on our list. The music video for Brittany’s newest hit single features the much loved Terry Crews and his life as a factory worker. But it’s not what you think.

Instead of feelings of doom and gloom, Brittany’s soulful voice breathes new life into the song. The deeply personal connection between the listener and the song perfectly portrays that not everything works out the way it does, but we should always stay positive no matter what.

8. Mandy Moore – When I Wasn’t Watching

The upbeat tune of Mandy Moore’s newest single “When I Wasn’t Watching” is a foreshadowing of the lyrics to come. If you don’t remember Mandy, then no one is blaming you since she has been away from the music scene for a whole decade.

But her newest single resembles a style from the 99s than one from 2019. There is a deeper meaning to the song, which is up for debate by the public, but Mandy has certainly outdone herself with “When I Wasn’t Watching”.

9. SiR – You Can’t Save Me

What happens when you combine RnB and soul music? You get a masterpiece in the form of “You Can’t Save Me”. A relatively young and upcoming artist, SiR’s album debut song, “You Can’t Save Me” has gained a lot of traction these past few months.

But this song isn’t an upbeat one, and it resembles a tragedy in modern time. Namely, the struggle we can feel in this song is that SiR has finally found the love of his life, but the tragic part is that he feels she has arrived at a wrong time, a time where he needs to battle his demons.