Are you still thinking about what to wear every day to show your elegance? If you have such questions, let’s take a look at these 12 women’s Linen dresses that can best show your elegant temperament!

When it comes to clothing, cotton is the traditional gold standard. Generally, with cotton percale fabric, less than a 200 threads count means lower quality, though perfectly functional. High-quality cotton percale sheets are usually 300 threads per square inch or higher. Cotton may be considered the standard fabric for making clothes, but I think linen is the best material for making clothes. Cotton will Pille after a long time, and it will look older and older. There is a certain gap between the air permeability and linen.

Linen has long been the first choice of luxury goods, this soft, natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. The fabric is a looser weave, so thread count is of less concern, just look for 100 percent linen. Though linen is pricey, linen has its benefits. It gets amazingly soft over time. It’s static-free, absorbent, and it keeps your toasty in winter and cool in summer. Pre-washed linen will be softer from the beginning. If it’s not pre-washed it may seem coarse at first, but it will soften over time.
Fleurdelin 100% pure linen dress online. Compared with most other linen clothing stores, one of the biggest features of Fleurdelin is that the embroidery on the dress is purely hand-made.

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1. Black Embroidered Linen Dress

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Black Embroidered Dress makes you casual and elegant. If you are a low-key person, then this clothes will be your best choice.

If you think it’s just simple black clothes, you’re wrong. The traditional hand embroidery on it makes the clothes more exquisite, and the split design at the hem makes the clothes no longer monotonous.

2. Linen Breathable Shirt Dress

Although the style of these clothes is simple, its high waist stitching design makes it more chic. The length of the skirt also perfectly covers your little thick legs.

These clothes is the best choice whether your figure is not perfect or you can’t match clothes well.

3. Lace-up Linen Dress

Whether you’re going out with your boyfriend or shopping with your best friend, these clothes can make you the focus of the crowd.

The waist design of the dress can show your small waist. The exquisite traditional hand embroidery and flowy hem make the clothes more attractive.

4. Embroidered Split Linen Dress

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As with most dresses, this clothes is comfortable and breathable, but it also has the cool feeling of linen.

The design of cheongsam, the embroidery on the chest, the exquisite buttons, the split of skirt and the elegant color are all the charm of this dress.

5. Embroidered Patchwork Linen Dress

There are too many small designs in this Linen Dress.This is also my favorite one.

The wrinkles on this clothes are natural and casual,The delicate light blue hand embroidery and the elegant purple of the clothes match perfectly.The length of the dress perfectly embellishes your calf lines.

6. Light Blue Simple Linen Shirt Dress

I’m sure nobody doesn’t like this kind of light blue shirt dress.This shirt dress is very light and breathable.I think everyone should have a linen shirt dress like this.

It’s a 3 / 4-sleeve skirt dress with natural folds of linen.The skirt dress is loose and suitable for most people. If you wash it, he will become softer.

7. Hand Embroidered Linen Dress

Design full dress is always popular, this dress is. The design of this dress is that there is a fold waist design on one side of the dress, and the folded waist is covered with hand embroidery of flowers. There is a traditional button design at the neckline. The bright red makes the dress very dazzling.

Simple waist design can be seen on the back of the dress. The length of the dress is about to the lower leg, which is sexy and elegant .

8. Loose Wrinkled Linen Dress

I really like this dress, whether it’s the round neck design, the pleat design on the chest or even the button design on the right side, it’s perfect. Khaki is also a popular color that people often wear. It’s a perfect dress to go to an art museum or an art exhibition.

The loose design makes the dress more beautiful. When the wind blows, you are the most beautiful one on the street.

9. Linen Fishtail Dress

This skin color fishtail dress is really simple and exquisite. The design of a simple fishtail is just right, and the color also matches the skin color very well. There are several V-shaped stitches at the neckline of this Linen Skirt, which are all hand-made, making this dress unique.

10. Exquisite Linen Dress

This is a more formal dark colored dress, which is a more slim one. The collar is a round neck design. The hem of the dress has a short front and long back design. There are small forks on both sides. There is a cat design at the back of the dress, which adds some lovely feeling to the dress. The clothes can be worn with suspenders to create a kind of aesthetic feeling.

11. Ombre Sky Linen Dress

This is a light blue gradual change color linen dress. He has exquisite hand embroidery on the chest, pockets on both sides to put personal belongings conveniently, and a traditional button design on the back neck. The dress is loose and breathable, with natural wrinkles on the surface, giving people a poetic feeling.

12. Hollow Linen Dress

Hollow design is the feature of this dress. There is a hollow design at the cuff and skirt. The collar has a drawstring design, which can adjust the size of the collar at will. The front of the collar is V-shaped, which can make the neck more slender and coordinate the proportion of face and body. There is a fold treatment on the back of the collar, which makes the dress more fit.