Today we are going to take a close-up look at shaker style kitchens. Different from a standard, traditional kitchen, these cabinets and worktops are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners.

Inspired by ‘Shakers’ (a religious group known for their unique worship incorporating shaking motions and dance). Shaker style kitchens are considered simplistically stylish, with a focus on minimalism and unnecessary embellishments.

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Why are shaker style kitchens so popular?

Such kitchens are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Carefully crafted, with a natural finish, shaker cabinets ooze panache. In addition to being very stylish, shaker kitchens also offer great value for money – homeowners are therefore naturally drawn to them.

Due to their simplistic design, shaker kitchen cabinets will provide your whole kitchen with a sense of space, and space is something we need in this part of the home! After all, we do so much in the kitchen – we prepare and cook food, we store kitchen appliances and utensils, we wash and clean, we have a bite to eat and a drink or two, and we even socialise in there too!

What better way to impress visiting friends and family by showcasing your brand new shaker style kitchen? But as we are all well aware, looks aren’t everything.

In the current climate there’s also a huge emphasis on caring for our planet. Sustainability is now the word on everyone’s lips and is considered a must in every home. With this in mind, it’s good to know that durability and sustainability are key features of shaker style kitchens. Shaker doors tend to be highly durable and are much more sustainable compared to alternative options.

Not only are shaker style kitchens designed to stand the test of time, they are also designed to retain their good looks. Trends come and go,but shaker style has remained one of the most favored designs since appearing on the scene more than 200 hundred years ago. Invest in a timeless look and you won’t feel the need to remodel and redecorate any time soon.

What are shaker style kitchens made from?

Usually fashioned from  5-layered MDF base, shaker style doors are considered to be strong and robust options when designing a kitchen. You will get years more life from this type of kitchen – as we’ve mentioned they’re great value for money. You will also find a huge range to choose from when you are browsing for the perfect shaker style cabinets and doors. There’s an array of colours and cabinet styles, so you will be able to design your new space to complement the style of the rest of your home.

How to compliment your shaker style kitchen

Shaker style kitchens should be both stylish and functional. Keep this in mind when adding accessories. Pared back and chunky works well. If you are buying chopping boards go for thick,wooden ones – practical for cutting on and good looking too. Buy two or three and lie them one on top of the other for a modern, layered look. Robust stoneware works well too – use stoneware jars for good looking storage that lasts.

If there’s room for a dining area within your kitchen, again keep things simple. Opt for a functional table and chair set (chairs with spindle-backs look the part). Skip the frills -no need for prissy cushions or a lace tablecloth.

Why put so much effort into the design of your kitchen?

It’s worth putting extra effort into your kitchen, after all, it’s one of the key rooms in your home. It’s a place where family and friends can congregate and spend quality time together. The installation of a well-designed kitchen can also add value to your home. Potential house-buyers tend to take a long, hard look at the kitchen and it can be make or break for a sale. Why not make the kitchen a focal point of your home?

Redesigning your kitchen can be daunting and it can be difficult to know where to start. If you feel the whole design process might be too much for you to handle you could consider consulting with an interior designer. A good interior designer can really make a difference to the look and feel of your home. Turn a space from drab to fab, give a room a real uplift and make the most of the space you have. Interior designers are well-versed in making a space more functional. They can cast an eye over the room and help you decide how to create a layout that will fit your needs.

Kitchen’s can be tricky as they are so integral to the home. You need it to be a practical space to work in and a place you can kick back and relax after a hard day. Your interior designer can suggest how to define the space, bring forth colors and materials to suit and help you to determine the best way to light the available space. Consulting an expert will allow you to gain useful insight into the current shaker style trends that will enhance your kitchen and home.

Why upgrade to a shaker style kitchen?

Fancy upgrading your kitchen? Or maybe you are in the process of designing a brand new home and need to start from scratch – sorting out both the layout and design. It’s not always easy to make a decision about what to go for. That’s why we are giving you this helpful pointer – if you are seeking a cost-effective style with a modern finish, a shaker kitchen could be the perfect option for you.

We do hope this brief guide had provided you with some useful information. A new or upgraded kitchen can be a really great way of improving your home. A place you want to spend time in whether you are cooking, washing up, or just taking it easy.

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