Coronavirus is causing a lot of panic and disruption across the world. Social distancing has become the norm and people are being encouraged to stay indoors as much as they can. However, something interesting to note is that a lot of modern technology is enjoying a boost during this time of lockdown.

This has led to an increase in the usage of apps and platforms that were used before, but not to this extent. They have emerged as different demands increase during COVID-19. Let’s take a look at a few apps.

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1. Zoom is In-Demand

More people are working from home than ever before. While some people have lost their jobs, others are having to carry on as normal but in a new environment. In particular, teams that still need to collaborate have had to find new ways to stay in contact and communicate effectively on projects. Indeed, this has led to a rise in video conferencing and calling technology. In particular, the app called Zoom has really taken off.

Zoom is being used everybody, from small businesses working together to universities holding lectures with many students. The app allows up to 99 people to join in on video. Indeed, many investors have noticed the popularity of this app and their share price has dramatically increased. For example, this could have been investment some companies like Kohli Ventures might’ve been interested in a few years ago. As a result, the owner of Zoom is now one of the richest people in the world. The company is even worth more than United and Delta combined.

2. TikTok

2020 has seen TikTok become very popular with younger people. It was popular before the epidemics, and many influencers on social media have used it for different purposes. Since lockdowns have begun across the world, this app has exploded. It’s a social media platform that used to be known as

Everybody is able to share short music videos and they can become viral. With the help of social media, the app has emerged and made a boom amongst the users. Now, most young people use it to share the videos amongst themselves, but it seems like the older population has got up with this wave and started using the app for fun. They are meant for entertainment and comedy.

And it is very interesting that more and more old people are trying it and using it. They are not sharing the clips, but learning to use the new app and gaining new skills during this pandemic is one of the good sides of it, and this is what we call good usage of extra time. Since everybody is stuck indoors, families and friends have been creating TikToks for everyone to see. It’ll be interesting to see how long this trend lasts and whether it’s still popular in a few months.

3. Google Classroom

Another popular choice for universities and colleges across the country is Google Classroom. With seminars and classes canceled indefinitely, Google Classroom provides a platform for everyone to come together to collaborate and complete assignments. Teachers and students can access assignments, grades and see feedback. It can bring all features of schooling online. Indeed, more institutions are already using this platform to communicate as exams are being canceled and coursework is becoming more important.

Google classroom has upped its game from its modest start when it comes to this platform. They have been very generous and had an ear for all the requests and suggestions from teachers all around the world which led to the app it is today. Even though some would state that the platform can be better it does offer so much for bot teachers and students.

One of the key features is that all materials are in one place; this is for sure amazing for all users. All added material may be organized into the topics and be on display so students cannot use the popular excuse I didn’t get it and I could not find it. In addition to this, assignments may be sent in a matter of a few minutes with all the instructions, and once sent all students to receive the notification.

When accessing it, the platform makes a document in which the work appears so it is available for the teacher to check it without searching through emails for individual documents. Another interesting feature of it is that all assignments may pass the originality test, to it saves the time needed for checking if the student actually wrote it, or just used the copy/paste technique. In addition, other Google apps, such as google form may be connected to it, so tests can be given easily and best of all, multiple-choice and short answer questions don’t have to be checked manually since the form can do the checking instead of you.

Google classroom has experienced an enormous increase in usage, and this amount of data will help the developers to make it even better and more users friendly. Hopefully, teachers around the world will hold on to the platform and continue to use it after the pandemic since it does provide a lot of features that are helpful in teaching.

4. Houseparty

Social distancing means that you can’t see your loved ones, including friends and family that don’t live with you. One app that has emerged out of nowhere during COVID-19 is Houseparty.

This app allows you to spend time with everybody that you can’t see face-to-face right now. Everybody can video call and see each other, as well as hear the whole conversation. It can become a popular way to post live videos and share them on other social media platforms. You’re able to invite people to hang out with you.


The pandemic of this new virus has led to an increase in usage in apps that were popular even before it, but not as much. A huge increase is in the apps mentioned, since they are providing users with services that are needed for maintaining work tasks, but as well some that are there to make it all more fun. Use the apps, stay home and be safe.