Finding a new flatmate can be really tough, particularly if the likelihood is the person moving in will be a stranger.

There are dozens of ways you can do it, but finding the right person to share a home is not easy.

You really do need to ensure you make all the right checks to not only ensure they won’t let you down with rent, but also they’ll fit in, they are friendly and they’ll be enjoyable to live with.

There a number of ways in which you can do this, and below we’ve highlighted some of the must-dos to ensure you find the right next flatmate.

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Background Check

You’ll likely have to perform a number of background checks to ensure that rent can be paid, with credit checks and references in particular.

However, there are also a number of other things that can be found in a background check that will help you decide whether a person is the right fit or not.

On top of financial information you’ll be able to find our personal information, employment data and more. When looking at which information is best background check for finding a flatmate, consider:


  • Criminal checks: You probably don’t want someone who has a bit of a crooked past living in your flat.
  • Sex Offender registry check: Again, not really what you want. Although this would likely be verified without the need to check anyway.
  • Bankruptcies: This could be a warning light suggesting they aren’t great with cash.
  • Drug screening: May provide insights into recreational (or serious misuse of) drug taking.
  • Lawsuits: Discover if they’ve ever been taken to court before

It’s all serious information that could prove to be a key factor in whether you want someone to live with you or not. You can find out much more about background checks by visiting this site.

Social Media Check

If someone is desperate to find a place to live, they may say what they feel is right and deal with the consequences later. For example, if you’re looking for a flatmate who is generally quite quiet, someone may claim to be like that but in reality a total party animal.

Social media is a good way to check someone’s lifestyle as you’ll find pictures, statuses and a large insight into how someone lives their life.

Images of the person regularly partying would suggest they aren’t and could end up being the flatmate from hell.

As well as this you’ll be able to find more information about who they are and what they believe in. You can discover if they have a partner or suspect opinions on politics or gender equality.

You can find out a lot just be reading the tone of someone’s social media profile, and that could well be enough to welcome someone with open arms, or turn them down.

Socialise With Them

Away from the internet, it’s always a good idea to just meet up, have a drink or do something fun and see if you get on.

Both yourself and a potential flatmate don’t want to live in a space with someone who differs so greatly, so meet up, have a chat and find out whether you’d get on well enough to live together.

You’re much more likely to find more out about them this way compared to sending a questionnaire or having a chat over text or email.

Ask Questions

Do ask questions though. If you head out and meet up, have a series of questions logged in your brain. You’re much more likely to get an honest response compared to digitally.

If you’ve ran a background check, subtly bring up where you think there could be issues and get their take on it.

Otherwise find out what you can about a person, address any concerns and allow them to do the very same to you.

Discuss how you currently use the flat and how they intent to use it. Will they regularly have a partner over? Will they invite friends around?

Communication straight from the off is perhaps the most important thing. Do that and you’ll be in good shape to make an informed decision on a new flatmate, whether it be good or bad news for them.

What’s most valuable to you is getting the right person for you. You may find you have to let people down, but in the long run it will most definitely work out for the better.