Real estate sector is all over the internet. People search for homes online all the time. With one click of the mouse button, people can learn so much about prospective houses in their area. In fact, a study shows that around 51% of real estate customers first find their homes by going online.

There are several ways a real estate business can generate leads- pay-per-click strategy, blogs, emails and publishing content on different property portals. But while there are a plethora of options available, you need to be conscious about ROI as well. Are the strategies generating enough leads for you? Is your customer’s cost of acquisition profitable? And how do you do this? We have the answer- Call tracking.

Call tracking helps your business to measure the behavior of your prospective consumers before and even during the call period. It tells you which of your advertising sources are generating leads and which have failed to do so.

The Top Benefits of a Call Tracking Software for Your Real Estate Business

There are several benefits of call tracking software such as CallGear in your real estate business.

1. Improve the ROI of your business

By using call tracking software, you can get detailed reports about the calls that you receive and their sources. That way you can know which advertisement source is working and which isn’t. This will help you prioritize and you will relocate your spending on that channel which is bringing you the leads.

You get a report on the calls that you’ve missed answering. You need to call these numbers back immediately or fear to lose your leads. You can also integrate your CRM with your Call tracking to monitor your leads in a better way.

Real estate ROI

2. Compare the effectiveness of different advertisement sources

We have talked about this briefly before but it is an important feature and needs more recognition. The acquisition cost of customers is quite high in real estate industry. Hence you should only invest in those advertisement sources which bring the greatest number of leads. Call tracking will collect all the data for you regarding each number and assign it to different advertisement sources.

3. Provide you with the right competitive advantage

Real estate sector is a highly competitive one. Just building the right website and getting up the right billboards isn’t sufficient. In this field of work, you snooze, you lose. There are people here who work round the clock to satisfy customers and convert them into leads. And that’s why you need to play better and smarter.

By using a call tracking service, you gain the right competitive advantage. You know which marketing source is working and you work harder on it. You also gain information about the customer via different reports so next time the customer calls, it’s easier for you to build rapport with him of course without coming off as too intrusive. This is what will help you gain that advantage over your other competitive rivals.

4. Track the performance of your marketing team

While you think your marketing team is doing hard work by connecting to customers and talking to them all the time, is all the effort really worth it? By using call tracking software, you get to measure the performance of each of the member of your marketing team. You will be able to record the calls and then evaluate which employee of yours is the most effective in satisfying customers and who is best in converting the leads into sales.

You can reward those employees by giving them bonus and promotions. The weak employees can be given more training or even demoted. The new people that join your marketing team can listen to the recording of these calls to get an idea of how to work their way around potential leads and how to solve issues of customers and act professionally.

Real estate marketing call tracking

5. Helping in converting the lead

The first few minutes of any call you receive is important. In the first two minutes of the call you receive, the caller either dismisses you and you lose the deal or he is impressed by you and your competence. That’s why building trust with your caller is important. You shouldn’t be asking uncomfortable questions or be too ignorant about the customer.

Having some prior information about the customer will help build a good relationship with him and that’s why call tracking software is essential. It provides you detailed information about the caller and the property and you are able to impress the customer and close that deal.

There are so many benefits a call tracking software provides. It is an asset to your company and if you are into real estate, an absolute necessity. Invest in one to get the best results and see your company’s performance soar with faster lead conversions and more efficiency of your team. You can start use call tracking right now.