Family businesses were always some sort of inspiration for everyone. First of all, our family needs to be in the first place. We need to be ready to help them in every single moment. Despite that, the family members are people that should be our supports always. When you have a trusty relationship within the family, you can consider yourself as a rich person.

Yet, running a business together with your parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives is a completely different thing. We believe that this type of family has a completely new level of trust. Things are quite different when you all tend to improve your business and build up an empire.

The family-run businesses are active in all the industries in the world. They are impressive because they have been able to achieve success for a long period. Besides that, they truly provide the same dose of quality during that period.

The fashion industry is not different from others. You can find a huge number of family-run fashion brands that are worldwide famous.

We want to provide you with the list of the world’s biggest family-run fashion brands. You have probably heard about them, but their story truly is inspiring. Besides that, you can also check the models they design. Who knows, maybe you will like some of them and invest a bit of your money.

So, let’s find them out together.

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The Fendis

This Italian leather-goods brand is founded by Adele Casagrande. However, the house itself acquired its famed name in 1925. In that year, Adele became the spouse of Edoardo Fendi. The husband’s last name became recognizable around the world.

In 1999, this company was sold to LVMH. However, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creator of the Baguette and other bags continues to run day-to-day work. Despite that, her daughter Delettrez Delfina works as a jewelry designer. She is not directly connected with her family business. However, she often collaborates with them and gives some valuable pieces of advice.

So, if you are willing to find some Fendi products, we recommend you visit It is a website where you can find different types of accessories. We believe that many women would like what they see.

The Ferragamos

Well, we are sure that you have heard about this family-run fashion brand. Yet, you probably do not know exactly how long they exist on the market. Believe it or not, the history of this brand starts in 1912. Yet, the business did not become successful immediately.

The creator of this business is Salvatore Ferragamo. He was studying his shoe craft in Naples. After improving his skills, he went to his hometown of Bonito. Yet, he realized that moving to the USA would be a great way to expand his business. When he moved there, he started to improve his factory techniques. He is a true proof that hard work always pays off in the end. Believe it or not, in 1923, this brand got the reward under the name “Shoemaker to the Starts” in Hollywood. This helped them expand their business more.

Salvadore died in 1960, but his business continued to improve after his death. His widow, Wanda Ferragamo, continued to work on the improvement of the business. She would not be able to do that alone. Because of that, she was working together with her 6 kids.

The inspiring thing is that this business still actively works. Their siblings continued to work in the same manner under the family name.

The Laurens

Okay, we are sure that you have heard about Laurens. Whichever celebrity you see on TV in the USA, there is at least one piece of clothes designed by this brand.

The founder of this brand is Ralph Lauren. Thanks to hard work and full-commitment, he was able to establish a lifestyle empire. However, he was not born under this name. More precisely, his last name was Lifshitz, but he started using the last name of his wife.

He started to design clothes for his wife Ricky and it seems that he was quite successful. Believe it or not, at some moment, the value of the entire brand was nearly 14 billion dollars. After he died, his children continued to promote the brand all over the world.

The Missonis

Well, the Missoni line history starts in 1953. In that year, Ottavio Missoni and his wife made a huge success. However, they primarily opened their first knitwear workshop 5 years ago. This shop was located in Gallarate, Italy.

Well, this brand truly has an interesting family story. The entire family is involved in the business. For example, their daughter, Angela, is the head designer of the company. Luca, her brother, is the creative director. Finally, her daughter Margherita has the task to design the brand’s accessories. As you see, each family member has responsibility for different parts of the business. We believe that this is the formula that will lead to success.

The Pinaults, Kering

We have to name it PPR, but this brand is well-known under the name Kering. The business started to work in 1963. The founder of the company is a businessman Francois Pinault. However, things rapidly started to change when his son joined the business in 1987. In the beginning, he held positions in several of the Pinault group’s operating businesses. After a couple of years there, he joined the executive board.

The things once again changed 13 years ago. In 2000, Francois-Henri Pinault became deputy CEO of Kering. Believe it or not, this company is the owner of three highly popular brands in the world – Balenciaga, Gucci, and McQueen.


Before we say goodbye, there is one thing that we would want to suggest. We believe that you do not feel capable enough to run a business alone. Because of that, you are desperately looking for a business partner. It is always easier to share responsibility.

However, the best possible business partner sometimes lives in your house. You won’t be able to find a person that you can trust more. They know all the good and bad characteristics that you have. That’s something that makes them the most desired business partners. It is something that we have learned from real-life examples.