Timothy Zachery Mosley, or Timbaland, born 1972, is a record producer, DJ, songwriter, singer, and rapper from Virginia. His career started back in the 1990s when he formed a rap duo, Timbaland and Magoo, with his childhood friend Melvin Barcliff Magoo.

 He is well known in the music industry, mainly for his two songs “Cry me a river” and “Give it to me”.

As of January 2019, his net worth is around $85 million.


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The Beginnings

Timbaland was born on the tenth march, 1972, in Norfolk, Virginia as Timothy Zachery Mosley. He has two siblings a younger sister, and a younger brother who is also a rapper named Sebastian. His mother had her own shelter for homeless people, and his father worked with Amtrak. He started working when he was fifteen at the local “Red Lobster” restaurant. Pretty soon, he started gaining interest to work in local clubs as a DJ. His stage name was DJ Timmy Tim or simpler DJ Tim.

The Career

Missy Elliott introduced Mosley and Magoo to the famous DeVante, who named him Timbaland. He started working with DeVante on various projects. One particular song he worked on “Pony”, was some kind of trendsetter when it comes to music in the 1990s.


The debut album of Timbaland and Magoo “Welcome to Our World” from 1997, was a huge success. Later that year, Timbaland produced Missy Elliott`s “Da Real World” album, which became another success. In 2000, Mosley continued the production of many hit songs. One of the most popular was “Rollout” by Ludacris.
In 2001, Timbaland and Magoo released another album called “Indecent Proposal”. 2009 was the year when he released another solo album “Shock Value II”. The album was very popular in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


The few following years were very successful. 2010 was the year of his successful collaboration with Chris Brown. He produced the whole “F.A.M.E.” album, which featured a couple of hit songs like “Talk Ya Ear Off” and “Paper, Scissors, Rock”. They sold more than 250k copies during the first week and the album was hitting the top of the charts.


1. Tim`s Bio: Life from da Bassment – Released in 1998.
2. Shock Value – Released in 2007.
3. Shock Value II – Released in 2009.

The Highlight of Timbaland`s Career

• Song “Carry Out” – Released in 2009.
• Song “Cry me a River” – Released in 2002.
• Song ”Give it to me” – Released in 2007.
• Album “Exit Wounds” – Released in 2001.
• Album “Shock Value” – Released in 2007.
• Award “BET Hip-Hop” Best Produced – Awarded in 2007.

Timbaland`s Three Golder Rules for SuccessOften in his interviews, Timbaland pointed out his three rules for a successful life.

Keep Dreaming
You shouldn`t even quit. Stay true to your dreams and they will become reality one day.
Kindness and Humility
Kindness and humility will take you very far. Don`t be mean to those who don`t understand you.
Know When It Is Enough
When something doesn`t work for you, walk away, just so you don`t miss on any other opportunities.