Gaming in 2024 became more than just sitting in front of a computer. Many people deal with it professionally. However, many of us are not aware that this hobby can cost a lot. Buying digital games is not always an easy process, especially if you are limited by the payment method. Therefore, we bring you all the instructions and tips on how to buy them online as comfortable and affordable as you can.

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Why Do We Love Video Games So Much?

The general rule, at least when talking about video games – is that, at least theoretically, every player wants to successfully reach the goal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new level, new equipment or the end of the game itself. So why do people want to play those which are so difficult or that they may never end? In other words, players who love the challenge want to experience it in an environment where a certain set of rules prevails.

Are We All Craving For A Challenge In Gaming?

We are sincerely convinced that it is true. The reason for this is to play the simplest games on the market. Each of these offers players a gradually increased challenge. Players accept this challenge and strive to achieve the best possible placement, which means that the challenge suits them.

People who like to play ultra-hard versions are just a kind of upgrade to the basic rule of increased challenge – and by completing the game they satisfy their ego, that is, the need to prove that they can play it better than everyone else. Perhaps the trick of these hard games is just that – the fact that, if you reach their end, you are counting in that small part of the gaming population that the most infamous one on the market could not break.

Buying Video Games

We are aware that video games are not only played by adults who manage their money and know where they want to spend it. With this in mind, this text is intended to be a sort of guide to buying them online, with some tips and answers that may not always be directly available on the global web.

We believe that we were all at least once in a situation where someone was saying that buying online is not safe and that someone would steal all your money from your account if you gave them your card number.

Can I Be A Victim Of Fraud?

Such skepticism is no stranger – though shopping online is no more dangerous than taking your wallet in the middle of the street while paying for the newspapers. That is when you know who you are paying for and how – the risk is minimal and not too much different from a physical payment at a regular cash register.

However, when it comes to buying digital copies of video games for PCs or consoles – buying is not always easy. For example, you can’t pay for it with a general payment slip, at least not directly, unless you buy it through an intermediary. Therefore, let’s clear up one thing: PC gamers most often get and purchase their stuff on Steam. But where else can we get games that may fit our budget?

Buying Games At Discount Prices

We all want to buy video games at a much affordable price, because like we said – gaming is not a cheap hobby. There are numerous websites where you can buy those at a discount. However, according to, you can also use coupons that will give you some special discounts. These coupons are a very useful thing, and sometimes you can even save some very significant amounts. These are the websites where gamers buy these products most often, and here’s what they offer you:


There’s nothing new to say, mostly all games are downloaded. You can activate a lot of games on it, and some of those you have on Steam can also be activated on some other services as well – if you have a serial. When it comes to payment, you can use most payment cards as well as PayPal.


Some of them can be activated on other services, such as Origin, Desura, UPlay. Upon purchase, the games are immediately available for download (unless you have preordered, and in that case, when it officially appears). You can also find the official list of games that can be activated on Steam.


This is a classic digital sales service, much like Steam. It mostly contains all the current titles, and they regularly have some discounts on the voucher system. That means that, if a game is already at a discount of about 60% and costs, say, $ 5, and you have a discount voucher of 25% – it will also get you that extra 25% off those $ 5.

Payment is made via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and some other options. You also have the opportunity to use the so-called CashBack. That means that when you buy certain titles – you get a certain amount on your GMG account with which you can buy or reduce the price of a game.


You can download most of them directly from the site or through a GMG client, though they can mostly be activated on Steam and Origin.



Same with Steam, just from EA, much poorer and more ineligible. Also, you may have trouble paying if you’re from Sr beats, it doesn’t have to mean, but it did. Check the official Origin Topic for details. Vouchers and codes can often be dug up for extra discounts on some games. Payment is made via PayPal internet cards.


All newer editions must be activated and upon purchase, they are immediately available for download (unless you have preordered when the game officially appears).

The Humble Bundle

You pay as much as you want, you determine from that amount how much goes to the site, developers, and charity. Stocks appear mostly for a couple of weeks and last for a few days – most recently for a week. In addition to the basic offer, if you exceed a certain payment limit, you also get additional games, soundtracks, and similar bonuses that are unlocked until the end of the action and sometimes months after. The payment method means PayPal, Amazon Payment, etc.


Games can generally be activated on Steam, often on similar services too. Upon purchase, they are immediately available for download, you will receive a purchase confirmation email with a unique title activation link through which you can see your Humble Bundle games, and here you can choose how to download it or activate it on Steam, etc.