Every house owner wants to use every inch of the space to make the interior more comfortable for living. However, we have noticed one thing in most of the houses around the world.

The main priority of people is to improve the value of their living room and bedroom. Logically, the living room is the place where they spend most of their time. Despite that, it is a room where we welcome our guests. Things about the bedroom are reasonable as well. After a tough day at work, we want to have a good night sleep. That’s why we try to make the interior more suitable for sleeping.


Anyway, other rooms in the house are equally important. Let’s say that the living room and bedroom are places where we all rest. Well, in that case, the kitchen is the place where we need to finish some duties. That’s why adding value to the kitchen is crucial.

Cooking can sometimes be annoying, right? Because of that, you need to make the kitchen more interesting. Let’s imagine once again that you had a tough day at work. However, when a parent comes home, kids are hungry, and they expect from their parents to prepare them something. Of course, parents can sometimes buy them something to eat. However, they can’t do that always because of various reasons. If the environment for cooking is good, then cooking can be a lot easier.

That’s why we want to share a couple of tips on how to increase the value of your kitchen.

So, let’s get started.

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Add an Island


Okay, we do not know exactly how big your kitchen is. Still, we believe that most of the kitchens are big enough to allow house owners to add an island. There are two options that we recommend. You can add a hardworking island or mobile workstation. We believe this is a great spot for a family cook-off. Despite that, it is multi-practical. You can help your kids to do homework while preparing lunch.

There is one important thing that you mustn’t forget. The height of the island is also quite important. We suggest that the height should be around 36 inches.

Refresh Your Cabinets


Well, buying new cabinets at Neo Kitchen is always a good choice when you want to add the value of your kitchen. Still, not all families can afford to get new ones. That’s why we recommend you only refresh them.

Two things can give your cabinets (and entire kitchen) a new look. We recommend you use a fresh coat of paint and new hardware in a classic finish. Yet, it is necessary to clean the cabinets properly before doing that. Only in that way you can ensure a durable finish.

Swap out Lighting


Even if you have the most beautiful kitchen in the world, it won’t mean anything to you if you can’t see all the parts equally good. That’s why proper lighting is important.

Our recommendation is to add hang pendants above a kitchen island (or breakfast bar). Yet, this time, you also need to be careful with the size of the lights. They mustn’t be too close to the island. Despite that, there is one rule that many interior designers are suggesting. The larger your island is, the bigger the lights should be.



Well, most of the older houses in the world do not have proper flooring in their kitchen. That’s why we believe that you would want to hear tips on this as well. Our recommendation is to improve the value of your floor with hardwood and laminate floors. These two options are quite popular in today’s world. They might be a bit more expensive. However, this sort of investment is great because of the durability of these materials. Despite that, the look luxurious and they will add significant value to your kitchen.

There are several different advantages of laminates that we would want to highlight. Despite durability, they are very easy to install. Despite that, you can find them in a wide variety of styles that mimic ceramic tile and real wood. Even if you somehow make damage to a certain piece of laminate, it will be easy to replace it.

Install a Wine Cooler


Indeed, when the guests come, they will sit in your living room. However, the food and drinks that you will serve are going to stay in the kitchen. We believe that you all have a refrigerator at home so we won’t spend time on this. Yet, most of the people do not have wine coolers.

It is not a secret that wine is a drink that we usually drink in company. However, each type of wine has the best taste if you serve it at the right temperature. For example, the rules for white and red wine or old and young wines are different. If you want to make your guests even more satisfied, the wine cooler is necessary. Despite that, it can bring value to your kitchen as well. Most of the kitchens in the world do not contain one. If you are willing to get one, we suggest you visit elitefridges.co.uk to check which options you have.

Paint Walls


You can notice yourself that people do not pay attention a lot to the kitchen walls. However, your kitchen must always be inviting and bright. If you want to be a bit trendy, we recommend you pick shades of gray, white, and ivory. In that way, you will completely refresh your kitchen. You should paint the walls at least once a year. The kitchen is the place where we cook a lot and the color of the walls changes faster than usual.


Before we say “goodbye”, we need to say one crucial thing. All the tips that we shared you need to make more personalized. We do not know which style you exactly have. However, you must match the kitchen interior with your lifestyle. Only in that way you can make cooking or dishwashing more interesting.